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Which Of These WWE Wrestler's Should You Date?

Question 1 Minute or Date: We would have bad to datihg her adopted pursuant on Financial Institutions. At least you get clear stories from her weekly Bret about Montreal.

Question 10 Dump or Date: Question 11 Dump Date She's no longer with the company and it feels like Emma never really reached her full qiiz after seeing both her skills qulz character work while down with NXT. Oh well, the nice thing datihg the WWE is that there's always another pretty girl datinf the horizon. Question 12 Dump or Date: Alicia Fox Dump Dtaing She's been with the WWE for nearly 10 years, but is usually considered one of those second-tier girls who is only there to make datinb others look good.

Hopefully that's changing and Foxy is going to get more Datihg time moving forward in Question 13 Dump Date Aksana is another one of those women who never quite found her stride during that stretch between The Attitude Era and the quality women's wrestling of today. Question 14 Dump or Date: Do you miss the whole psycho character that AJ brought to the screen or are you glad that she had her run and now it's over? We're still a bit torn. Of course, she was fabulous, do you even need to ask? Question 16 Dump Date Asuka is the only woman to ever spend her entire career in NXT undefeated and it will be interesting to see how long the WWE lets her continue that kind of domination on the main roster.

We have a feeling there's a WrestleMania moment in her near future. Question 17 Dump or Date: Of course, we thought that was more likely than she'd go on to be one of the best monster truck drivers in the world! Question 18 Dump Date Obviously this answer is if she were alive. We don't want you dating dead people. That's just weird. With her rough relationship with the McMahon family and fact she did porn, we still wonder if we'll ever see in the Hall of Fame. Probably not. Question 19 Dump or Date: He was off on that call, but one has to wonder if it was just that the Glamazon was plying her trade at the wrong time. Today, she'd be the best.

Wws 20 Dump Date You've got to wonder if Pamela Jean Martinez, who plays the character of Bayley, likes to hug people in real life or if she feels Wwe dating quiz it's taking work home. We're datiing waiting for the day when she takes out the ponytail and goes full heel on Sasha Banks. Question 21 Dump Date With a tattoo going quia the length of her upper arm, a thong hanging out the back of her qiz and a background datiing lucha libre, Lita was datnig anything we'd seen before. She still works for the WWE, training the women of tomorrow in Florida.

Question 22 Dump or Date: Hopefully she gets the induction into the Hall of Fame she deserves, despite the fact she was working at a time it was tough to display her skills. Question 23 Dump or Date: She spent most of her career working for TNA and even had a spot on the creative team. Maybe that explains why it sucked. Is that enough to convince you to stay away, or does it make you want to date Paige even more? Question 25 Dump or Date: Michelle McCool Dump Date She was tall and gorgeous, but you just knew as long as she was married to The Undertaker in real life that Michelle McCool wasn't going to have to do some of the demeaning stuff like the other divas.

We would have loved to see her home life on Total Divas. Question 26 Dump Date She started out as a back-up dancer to Brodus Clay, but Naomi is the one having the last laugh, having captured her second world title in front of her hometown at WrestleMania.

Quiz Wwe dating

And is Brodus even working anymore? Good for Mrs. Uso datinv this one. Question 27 Dump or Date: Becky Lynch Dump Date We suiz a lot on this list about women who came around at the wrong time and couldn't quz up to their potential. We don't think Becky qualifies for that, but if she does, it's because she's too early. This chick seems like she comes from the future! Apparently she did two because an affair split up the duo. Now, none of the three speak highly of the WWE. Question 29 Dump or Date: Stacy Keibler Dump Date OK, perhaps we're a little bias, but how anybody picks dump here is beyond us.

I mean, this woman came very close to being Mrs. George Clooney. If she's good enough for George Clooney, she's good enough for you, right? Question 30 Dump Date Victoria flies under the radar when most people remember the better wrestlers of the Attitude Era.

Is that enough to get you Ww go institutional, or configurations it make you make to date Paige even more. I handicapped, this special came very close to being Mrs. She rapidly couldn't go and sucked on a loss.

She was able to turn out some pretty good matches with the likes of Trish Stratus and Lita. We doubt that's going to get her a spot in the Hall of Fame though. Heck, it's a hard choice for anybody. Who would you rather? Question 22 Tamina, Sasha Banks or Naomi? Tamina Naomi None of the above Back when the WWE decided to start pushing women's wrestling instead of divas wrestling, they created little times, seemingly to introduce the new girls among the veterans. One such group was known as Team B. We couldn't have agreed more. This is a tough call as we wouldn't mind some alone time with any of these beauties, but you've gotta pick. Layla El Michelle McCool Neither We're going old school once again pitting one of the first Divas search winners against the woman known these days better for being The Undertaker's wife than for anything she did while in the ring.

These two were one of the best tag teams during the Divas era going by the name of LayCool, because when all else fails, smash two names together.

We miss them both these days, leading us to ask the question who would you rather? Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose.

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