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Having an Elective C-section?

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Know all of your options, and by all means read up on c-sections and statistics and different ways people give birth and different methods people use. Be an empowered pregnant woman, and make your own needs, your own voice, and your own thoughts loud and clear to the people you are choosing to surround yourself with during the pregnancy and birth process. What is one piece of advice I will give to moms who are having a c-section? Be sure to ask to hold the baby afterward, doss same way they do for "natural" births to get that same dtaing to skin datimg. I actually didn't even realize it could sating an option to have the baby with me rather than the usual practice of waiting until after you are in recovery until this great nurse pointed it out, and so I always, ALWAYS tell fellow c-section moms this.

No matter how you are going to bring that baby into the world, keep your eyes on the prize, a healthy mama and a healthy baby, nobody should ever be sorry about that. And us c-section moms don't need to have your pity, we need to have your congratulations and support. There are times, however, when the benefits of having a C-section before 39 weeks outweigh any risks, such as with the delivery of triplets. Was this page helpful? Get diet and wellness tips to help your kids stay healthy and happy. Email Address There was an error. Please try again. Thank you,for signing up. I felt trapped in a pregnant body I apparently had no rights over, all the happiness I should have been feeling at 37 weeks eaten up by the fear.

Ultimately, I was booked for a C-section only three days before my due date instead of one week before. And because of the hospital's schedule for performing planned C-sections, I risked being bumped to one day after my due date if the surgery room was too busy with emergencies. I felt this was an attempt to stall long enough that I would go into labor spontaneously.

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Thankfully, the result of sedtion frantic phone calls had been to secure another hospital and consultant across the country who saw things the same way I did. Maybe a lot of women find a C-section is a terrible, miserable experience. Mine was a big deal, yes, but it wasn't an ordeal. The operation was more overwhelming than I had mentally and emotionally prepared for, but who's really ready for the moment their first baby cries as it's delivered? Recovery wasn't a lot of fun, but neither was it as bad as some people said. I was sore and took every bit of medication on offer for the first week, but it didn't interfere with breastfeeding.

You may require one if: You've had one or more previous c-sections.

My electro, friends, doctors, raisers, consultants Whn the U. It languishes when a new mom is in bermuda for 20 hours or more. It can do prolonged labor, which can put mom in quiet.

Having a vaginal birth after a caesarian can significantly increase the risk that your uterus will rupture happenn a vaginal delivery. You have placenta previa. You're carrying more than one baby Twins can sometimes be delivered vaginally, but most of the time higher-order multiples require a c-section. Your baby is expected to be very large. Your baby is breech bottom first or transverse sideways position.

Elextive baby has a known malformation or abnormality that would make a vaginal electivf risky. Carrying multiples Carrying multiples can pose different risks during pregnancy. It can cause prolonged labor, which can put mom in distress. One or more babies may also be in an abnormal position. Either way, a cesarean is often the safest route for delivery. Takeaway Since pregnancy and birth can be unpredictable at times, moms-to-be should be prepared in case a cesarean delivery is necessary. Why are so many more women today scheduling elective C-sections?

Is this a dangerous trend? About 1 in 10 women whose planned caesareans are scheduled for 39 weeks will go into labour first. That means their waters break or their contractions start.

If this happens, you will nappen an emergency rather than a planned caesarean. BabyCenter Caesarean section — an overview. Opens in a new window. Mayo Clinic C-section.

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