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In fact, let us only mention the rocky churches that Jolivet estimates to be more than six hundred, and that have been deliberately excluded from the researches by Centro Studi Sotterra- nei, since we intended to devote more attention to less documen- ted, but equally crucial sites for a comprehensive understanding of the cultural and landscape heritage of Cappadocia. Key Words: Introduction Cappadocia, in central Turkey Figs. During our pluriannual activity in Cappadocia, started inwe tended to exclude from our investigations hypogea like rocky churches, which were already largely well documented: We preferred to concentrate on the less docu- mented hypogea, equally crucial for a comprehensive understanding of 10 1.

Figures 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 show the map of the underground sites that have been identified and explored in large part. We divided them in six dis- tricts, named after their main towns: We point out we are conscious we have located only a part of the huge ru- pestrian heritage of Cappadocia that, we believe, it might be wider than the double, not considering each single rocky church. Our aim was to locate, explore and document a substantial sample of these structures, in order to achieve an overview of their main character- istics. The main result of our investigations is a typological classification of the structures, together with an urbanistic analysis of some selected underground settlements.

A large corpus of photographic documenta- tion on historical sites, landscapes and present every day life accompanies our study. They originated a powerful deposit, few hundred meters thick, from which, in few circumscribed points, the limestone bedrock emerges; here natu- ral caves used by prehistoric men have been found Managlia, Pagano,p. The most relevant feature of the district is given by the extended tufaceous deposits that, thanks to their softness, have been deeply modelled by meteorological agents erosion, deflation, corrosion, cryogenic action in very characteristic shapes canyons, buttes, cliffs, ca- lanques, pinnacles.

Then, according to their typological va- 1. Also, intermediate specimens representing transition forms of underground architectures have been identified and described courtyard settlements and natural caves with anthropic interventions. At the same time, we took into account the differences in the destination of use observed in the various hypogea; special attention has been given to the reasons and the techniques of the defensive organization of some particular underground settlements, that can be classified as real war- shelters. Finally, we have studied and described the ancient hydric systems of tapping, draining and carrying water, still in function at present, to al- low an agricultural use of deep erosion valleys.

We can consider this type of caves like a transition to artificial cavities. Natural caves are located in carbonates rocks. But small caves have been found also in small calcareous rocks, scattered in the heart of Cappa- docia, outcropping from the tufaceous deposits. In Cappadocia we know only one antropized cave. It is matter of a fully natural cave inside which there are some dry-stone built enclosures and, above all, there are defensive devices, exactly the same as the ones defending the artifi- cial underground shelter millstone doors, with slabs and pilasters in the northern territory. Artificial cavities are, doubtless, the more developed and widespread cat- 1.

It concerns simple spaces tombs, water-tanks, pigeon housesor more complicated artefacts churches, monasteries, dwellings ; but the cavities may reach the complexity of large villages in rocky walls, or de- velop the extraordinary labyrinths of underground shelters and towns, either horizontal or on various levels, down until 50 m below ground level, or hydric systems. It is convenient to distinguish between rocky structures and underground structures. The former ones are made up by rooms dug in the portion of rock close to the exterior and above ground level, and are found on the walls of canyons, buttes, pinnacles rocky cones.

The latter ones pen- etrate deeply into the rock, either directly under ground level, or into a butte or a hillside. Many of these have been dug to obtain hermitages, dwellings, stores.

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dzting They consist mostly of dwellings dug into cliffs Passaggi the valleys. The rooms inside communicate each other through horizontal tunnels or vertical shafts, and may be arranged on more than one level; rooms on the external surface of cliffs may have small windows. Sometimes the collapse of large portions of the soft tuff allows to have a look at the interior of the settlements, as to form an architectural cross section. Rocky Castle-villages. These settlements are similar to the wall villages, but with a special loca- tion. Possibly, they were initially defensive structures. Rocky Courtyard settlements. They are a particular form of rocky structure that we might consider as an intermediate model between the rupestrian datinv the underground set- tlements.

Less common are the settlements excavated around a courtyard enclosed on all the four sides, like a large shaft, ob- tained digging in the open from the flat top of Pazsaggi cliff, and going down vertically; a tunnel dellacqya to the outside. Rocky monasteries. Likely the most frequent structures in the region are the rocky settle- ments of religious character, covering a long period, from the fifth to the thirteenth century, some of which remained in use till the sixteenth century Jolivet-Levy, They are found inside the pinnacles, on yyahoo walls of natural amphitheatres, or under ground level De Jerphanion, ; Thierry, ; ; Jolivet-Levy, ; Paszaggi, these settlements consist of churches see later and of facilities related to cenobitic life kitchen, re- fectory, library, monastic cells, pilgrim accommodations.

Burials may be found in separated chambers Passagi in graves dug under the pavement of underground rooms. Sometimes the monasteries are provided with in- terior areas protected by defensive devices underground shelters, see lateras many other underground settlements. The overall organization of rocky monasteries offers a large variety of forms: Rocky churches. Churches and chapels may be found both in monasteries and isolated. They are often associated with cliff villages, underground shelters, under- 1. The typical architectonic elements of masonry churches are present, but of course as pure ornament and not as structural ele- ments; they can be quite complex, with columns, naves, domes, narthex, iconostasis, and decorated with frescoes and bas-reliefs.

Rocky tombs. In Cappadocia there are different types of tombs, of various ages: Rupestrian tombs, that is excavated in solid rock, are, in turn, of three types: Rocky pigeon-lofts dovecotes. The number of pigeon-lofts dug into the valley slopes is large indeed, tes- tifying the past importance of pigeons in local economy. They are positioned high up above ground level, and generally present great difficulties of access, to protect doves from predatory animals. The pigeon-lofts consist of a series of small windows, often painted with geometric, animal and plant - rarely human - stylized patterns of various colours over a white background; the ornaments on dovecotes, sometimes as carpet motives, represent an interesting exam- ples of Turkish-Ottoman popular paintings of the 18th - 20th century, made with colours derived from mineral iron oxide and vegetable resources; they have a side door to allow inspection, a door that can be reached through impervious footpaths or by means of foot-holds dug on the sur- face of the overhanging walls.

On the inside walls there are rows of small niches where pigeons nest. From information collected locally, it seems that the main purpose of pigeon breeding was not to get food, but to collect guano. Apparently, pigeon breeding came to an end with the introduction of chemical fertilizers. A particular type of underground dove- cotes dug in the rock are documented in the Kayseri area in Gesi town. Rocky apiaries. The word apiary indicates an array of beehives. Only very recently the existence of rocky apiaries has been recognized in Cappadocian valleys Bixio et al. Today are known more than 50 rocky apiaries, catalogued by Gaby Roussel in and ROUSSEL, ;each of them, despite having its own peculiarities, has general features apiaries with room fully excavated into the rocksimilar to the structures documented by Centro Studi Sotterranei in and The study of one of them, still in use even if only partially, allowed to understand their functioning with some certainty.

As the rocky pigeon-lofts, they are generally, but not always, lo- cated high up on rocky walls. From the outside, one sees vertical rows of small holes flight holes and arrays of vertical slits, plus a small door. Fig- ure 21 shows the sketch of one of the most complex of the apiaries: Detective film Music: Progressive metal Problems: Husband constantly lies. Passaggi di stato dellacqua yahoo dating Vi sono mestieri che misurano il grado di cultura di un popolo. Passaggi di stato dellacqua yahoo dating Spread legs pussy pics Hookup a player relationship meme images of balls Vertex call center in bangalore dating Skip to main content.

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A typological classifica- tion has been proposed and an urbanistic analysis of some selected underground settlements has been performed. The investigations developed in an area of about They originated a powerful deposit, few hundred meters thick, from which, in few circumscribed points, the limes- tone bedrock emerges; here natural caves used by prehistoric men have been found. The most relevant feature of the district is given by the extended tufaceous deposits that, thanks to their softness, have been deeply modelled by meteorological agents erosion, deflation, corrosion, cryogenic action in very characteristic shapes canyons, buttes, cliffs, calanques, pinnacles. First, from the point of view of the geographic and altimetric distribution of the underground settlements all over the territory.

Then, according to their typological variety, to distinguish anthropic cavities rocky and underground cavities from natural caves. Also, intermediate specimens representing transition forms of underground architec- tures have been identified and described courtyard settlements and caves with anthropic interventions.

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