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Accessory asks Richard to provide Tom Millies' splenectomy. Cristina anonymous Wire's post-ops and declined to false in. She weeks the pig scepter is a successful idea, even though it's a whole wrong procedure.

That's not the case, she says. He has to Grdy the ultrasound because there's something wrong with the baby. Sloan finds out it's a boy due to their talking. Mark explains the baby's got strands of amniotic tissue wrapped around his legs, creating the danger of his limbs being compromised. Elizabeth says a leg falling off is the worst case scenario. As Sloan panics, Mark calmly says they don't know what they're dealing with yet, but they're gonna take care of it. Mark takes over from Elizabeth and throws her off the case.

Anatomy online 6x11 s dating Grey

He promises Sloan to be right back and walks out of the room. He takes his phone and asks to get Addison Montgomery on the line. As Addison gets off the elevator, Mark welcomes her. He updates her on the case. She says "Grandpa" a few times, unable to wrap her head around the fact that he's becoming a grandparent. Owen, Bailey, Callie, and Derek are watching a video of the Tom's accident. As Callie confesses being a big fan of Tom's, Addison and Mark aanatomy over. They all happily greet Addison. Mark takes off to see if Sloan's ready as Datijg gets mean with an intern bringing her Tom's blood test results. Addison notices that and Callie explains it's dtaing of anatimy divorce. All Bailey needs is someone to move on to and be happy with.

Addison suggests Derek find her someone, like Dave omline oncology, as she knows that Bailey is really lonely. Bailey comes back and goes over the results anatomu Derek. Mark comes back; Sloan is all set. Addison and Callie follow him as Derek brings up Dave. However, Bailey flatout tells him it's a bad idea to start a conversation about her personal life. X and Cristina walk into Ruthie's anatomh. She's the patient Cristina will be operating on. Ruthie goes over all of her allergies with Cristina, because she figured it's not enough to have it just written in your chart.

She also would like a new nurse, because she suspects her nurse datlng gave her back her old pillow with a new case when she asked for a new pillow. Also, she heard the mechanical valve makes a clicking noise and she's afraid it's gonna make her go nuts. She thinks the pig valve is a better idea, anatony though it's a whole different procedure. As Z starts complaining about the smell of her blanket, Teddy leaves Cristina alone. Arizona and Addison present Sloan's options. They can do a risky operation to remove the bands now, or they can wait and rehabilitate the remaining part of his leg after he's born and then they can fit him for a prosthesis, making it entirely possible for him to walk.

In order to make her Grry, Sloan asks which one of them Mark slept with. Arizona says it's not her. Mark explains Addison he told Sloan when he was bonding with his daughter. Sloan wants to make sure Addison is not really pissed at Mark and now seeking revenge. Addison says she's not. It's been a long time since they slept together. She promises to take good care of the baby, which makes Sloan decide for the surgery now. Reed walks up to Alex. Her quarterback's only got a concussion. Alex is on ortho, which most likely will result in a surgery. She asks him to let her in on it, because she thinks he likes her.

Not that much, he says. She promises to take him out for drinks afterwards and "you know" if he lets her scrub in. She gives him a seducing smile. Not willing to say no to sex, he agrees. As he walks off, Charles comes over to ask what "you know" means. She tells him to get over it, as she's just messing with Alex. Meredith overhears them talking. Charles says that Alex is gonna want to collect at the end of the night, but she tells him to find something else to worry about. Reed then sees Meredith is staring at her intensely from across the room.

Derek introduces Bailey to Rob Stanton from the radiology department so they can talk about Tom's scans. Since Rob is also new here, Derek thought she might be willing to give him a tour of the hospital as they go over the scans. Bailey takes Derek aside and asks him what he's doing. He knows that spending Christmas with him and Meredith can't be what she want. That's true, but she has patients to follow up on. He'll take care of that so that she can talk to Rob. As she asks Rob for the scans, he proposes to look at them over lunch. Bailey gives him a speech about her divorce, her incontinent son, and the reason people call her the Nazi. Having lost all interest, he quickly shows her the scans.

Derek meets Bailey's patient, Sheldon Morris, who's the man that Richard made a serious mistake on. Derek is surpised to see that he's still getting follow-ups months after his gallbladder was removed. Sheldon thinks it's all part of the health care system, but Derek sees that Richard operated on him and immediately figures out something bigger's going on. Sheldon tells him that Bailey was worried when he turned yellow after surgery, and even has pictures of it, which he shows to Derek. Cristina tells Teddy that Ruthie wants a pig valve now, which is a completely different procedure. Teddy says she couldn't give her a total dream case and tells her to think about how much she's learning when she practices for the pig valve.

Cristina runs off to do so. Derek tells Tom that he only has a concussion. However, his spleen is bleeding, so they need to go in and remove it. The surgery will put him out of the game for a couple of weeks, but he'll be perfectly ready to play next season. Tom is suddenly unable to breathe upon hearing that. He also wants to know if Tom's had a panic attack before. Tom says he's fine. Jessie and her son come in. Tom informs her on his status. She tells him not to worry; next season will be there before he knows it. Meredith asks Alex what the deal is between him and Reed. She thinks it's gross if he's trading sex for surgery. He says he'll sleep with Reed if he wants to.

Meredith reminds him that he's still married and that Izzie is coming back, but he's done worrying about Izzie, cause she sure as hell ain't worrying about him. Meredith recognizes the old Alex in sleeping with someone random because he's angry and hurt. He says that's what Meredith used to do, but she says they grew up and got married. He says their post-it marriage is ten times better than his own marriage. He's moving on. Derek meets with Bailey and starts asking her delicate questions about Sheldon Morris.

In order to cover up for the Chief, she blurts out that she's got a thing for Sheldon. She can't explain it, but she's drawn to him. He's not really buying it and offers her the photo of a yellow Sheldon. Ruthie watched her sister eat pork chops, and she didn't feel any kinship with the pig. Now she's doubting if the pig valve is the right option. She thinks she may feel the kinship with a bovine valve, which is yet another completely different procedure.

The day after, Onlinf tried to talk to Owen lnline what she had said, but he refused to. She also refused to put Olnine on her service as she wanted to give the other residents a chance. However, when her patient was in critical condition in the OR, Teddy asked to have Cristina paged as she needed a skilled second set of hands. Cristina ignored the page per Owen's request as they datting making out, leading to Teddy allowing Jackson to scrub in. After the surgery, she confronted Cristina about her answering her page and that anstomy had expected they could at least keep things professional. Owen took the blame.

Surprised to have him talk to her again, Teddy told them to forget about it. She said that he used to be her best friend Grey s anatomy 6x11 online dating she could tell everything to, and now he wouldn't even look at her. Owen said that happened because she confessed her feelings for him. She reminded him Greh did the same and then chose Cristina. Owen pointed out she chose Cristina, too, and said that he felt like he was cheating on Cristina every time he talked to her. However, he did admit he also missed his best friend. Teddy later caught up with Cristina and Owen and said she knew she talked about her feelings for Owen, but she decided to try like hell to unring the bell as she missed her best friend more than anything.

She said she'd be fine as she had an amazing job with a great student to teach and a beautiful new cottage to live in. She then asked Cristina to scrub in with her. Teddy continued to work with Cristina and they gradually became friends. However, Teddy continued to have a strained relationship with Owen while her feelings lingered. Arizona noticed her staring and decided they were going to be friends as she liked to fix things. She then invited Teddy to girls night. Owen also later invited her to grab a beer, but she declined and headed out for girls night on the baseball field. Arizona told Teddy that Mark was like candy, enjoy it and forget about it, while Callie had convinced Mark that Teddy was the serious thing he was looking for.

This led to conflicting expectations so Teddy backed out. She sympathized with a patient's girlfriend who acted a little crazy upon thinking she loved her boyfriend more than he did her. Teddy then reconsidered and told Mark she was willing to go to dinner, but he said they would go to lunch in broad daylight so they could get to know each other, as he was now only interested in building a future with someone. Teddy requested Owen as the required second physician when her patient requested physician-assisted suicide, but Owen made it clear he considered it killing the patient and declined. Teddy considered it an act of mercy and sought out Mark for his opinion.

Teddy found out that Owen went to Chief Shepherd about the case behind her back and confronted him about this, but he just walked off. Derek had Teddy perform all the tests again so the hospital was covered. Owen barged in right before it happened and wondered why Kim wouldn't want to stick around in case they'd find a cure soon.

Kim stated that clinging onto hope only made her feel lonely and that she wasn't afraid of death, wondering why he was. Teddy later witnessed Kim's death and then went to Mark's place for comfort and sex. Teddy came to realize that Kim's case triggered Owen's PTSD and despite her wanting to help, she opted against it since she was seeing Mark and since Cristina was already trying to help Owen. In surgery, Teddy discussed not having kids because of residency and the Army, but stated that she was now waiting for the right guy. Cristina then accidentally made a bullet explode inside their patient's chest, angering an already grumpy Owen even more. Teddy cautiously defended Cristina and took to fixing the damage.

While scrubbing out, Teddy told Cristina that Owen had had it much worse than her and even she couldn't talk about what she's been through at any time, so she understood his not being able to talk about what was going on inside him. She said his triggers possibly could never go away, but she asked Cristina to give Owen time because it was very clear to Teddy how much he loved her.

She circular him she was founded he was twenty married to Cristina and didn't refuse. He headquarters Lexie not to do him learn between her and Sloan, because he'd jet Sloan.

Knline also advised Cristina to just talk to Owen datig how she felt as that would be more effective to get him to go to therapy than plainly telling him to do so. A second night of sex with Mark was interrupted when his pregnant Grey s anatomy 6x11 online dating showed up in labor. The Greg day at work, she was thrown for a loop when famous cardiothoracic surgeon Thomas Evans came to the hospital for omline procedure. Teddy then went datkng ask Derek if Tom was interviewing for her job since she had been anaomy to hear from him about a permanent contract. Derek thought she was still looking elsewhere but promised to consider her Grwy the position. While Cristina was amazed by Tom, Teddy didn't share the sentiment.

Tensions fating Teddy and Onliine flared up when the latter explicitly stated you give people jobs because they have the right skills and not because they're family, and when Teddy made a patient's condition worse by sneezing as they were pulling a fish datign out datig their patient's body. After the surgery, Derek told Teddy not to take it personally if she didn't end up getting the job as Tom just had published more and datint won more awards, ignoring Teddy's bronze star for service to her country. Teddy was distraught over losing her job and Owen comforted her, which almost resulted in a kiss until they got paged about their patient being critical.

Teddy thought her repair didn't hold and convinced Derek to open the patient back up despite him being unstable, only for Lexie to discover that he was unstable due to klebsiella pneumonia. Having again blundered in front of Derek, Teddy considered herself doomed and wished Cristina good luck with her new attending, whom she pointed out never even let Cristina touch the patient. Cristina realized she needed Teddy to learn from and asked Owen to put in a good word for Teddy, but he did the exact opposite and told Derek that Teddy wouldn't have trouble finding a new job due to her connections on the East Coast. Derek did offer Teddy a permanent contract, but, unbeknownst to her, only because Tom Evans had declined the job.

However, Meredith found out the truth from Derek and observed Owen and Teddy closely all day as she was convinced Owen still had feelings for Teddy. Mark suggested they could turn this into something fun, but Teddy declined. Owen suggested he do something to Mark to punish him, but Teddy wasn't mad as they weren't exclusive and she also didn't need Owen to defend her honor. Teddy later showed her romantic side when she opted to let two long-lost lovers catch up before their surgery. Owen admired her decision and looked at her longingly, which Cristina noticed after Meredith warned her to pay attention. Mark later came to apologize to Teddy.

While she wasn't mad, she decided this thing between them was over. Thank You! Meanwhile, Cristina and Burke's secret relationship gets more complicated, and when no one else can be reached, Izzie has to perform a major procedure on her own. And just as Meredith and Derek grow more intimate, a surprise from his past shows up. Description A sexually transmitted disease breaks out and affects several members of the hospital staff. Meanwhile, George suspects an anesthesiologist of drinking on the job, Alex treats a former competitor who now finds honor in self-mutilation, Izzie has to deal with a patient who won't let his girlfriend go, literally, and Cristina battles a case of what seems to be the flu.

Also, a pregnant woman in her 40s who's been diagnosed with cancer disagrees with Cristina's medical advice.

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