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Hinge joint

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Description Hinge joints, also called ginglymi or ginglymus joints, act like the hinges on a cabinet or door to provide back and forth movement.

Hinge dating Ginglymus

However, unlike their hardware namesakes, hinge joints provide more movement than just back and forth swing. The ends of the bones are covered with tough cartilage and are lined with the synovial membrane. It lubricates the joint for easier movement. There are several types of arthritis, but osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the most common.

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These limitations, eating turn, can have adverse psychological consequences. Pasadena, CA: The primary functions of joints are to provide motion and flexibility to the skeletal frame, or to allow growth. The movable joints are usually subdivided into hinge, pivot, gliding, ball-and-socket, condyloid and saddle joints. Two common types of bursitis are "housemaid's knee," which is caused by kneeling on hard surfaces for an extended period of time and "student's elbow," which is caused by leaning the arm against a desk or other hard surface. The hinge joint is a uniaxial joint. Churchill Livingstone,

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