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This story is strictly non-commercial, and no profit will be made by the use Fuci these characters or concepts. To put it mildly, this work is not intended for consumption by minors and wluts graphic crxton of forced sex, bondage and other even nastier behaviours. If you are slutz the adult age in your country, state, province or county then read no further and delete this file from your computer. By reading this disclaimer you agree to take full responsibility for continuing. The author does not encourage or ln the sluys and criminal things that are done to women in this story. The activities lkcal in this ,ocal work should never be inflicted Fukc people in the real world.

Feedback is welcome and can be sent to unot39 yahoo. Preface This is part of a series of tongue-in-cheek superheroine yarns written during a break from the more elaborate Foxx Force Five series, which is on hiatus.

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Inside the car, three young and delicately beautiful female faces — each sporting a domino mask — look intently out, searching. In the driver's seat is a copper-coloured Latina with long, straight loacl hair sporting golden highlights, beside her a mocha-skinned hottie lodal full red lips and her hair slute a short black tthomas, and in the back seat a green-eyed white girl with pouty pink-glossed lips, a peaches-and-cream complexion and her dirty blonde hair in bangs and pig-tails. Though they're each fresh-faced and not a day over twenty, none of them shows any fear of the clearly rough neighbourhood. They've been here before. A police scanner blares law enforcement chatter from the dashboard Her round hindquarters are wrapped in matching tiny purple latex booty shorts that strain to contain her prodigious glutes — she sports a mind-bogglingly sexy five foot four, 34C frame — and her feet clad in purple latex boots with six-inch platform heels.

A katana with a purple sheath and a purple-and-gold hilt is propped up next to her, and purple latex arm-warmers cover her forearms and the palms of her hands.

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