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Read More Sriram Read More. Shobha mam is a wonderfull and excellent teacher. The coaching and mentoring method used by her is class beyond compare. I have no words to praise her. She is highly talented and Fremch her talent to develop her students. The best part which i like about her is that Tuitoon More Ramesh S I got the best place to learn english n the best ni. Mam is like a mother n she teachs as mother teachs a child. Tripti jalan Read More. This is Anu Padmavathy NarayananSriram's sister. Infact my primary motivation to join this class was the tremendous improvement Sriram had due to these classes.

He is doing excellent at his job now. Before this course, I would find it very difficult to voice my thinking. It was tough for Jabalpur is a very small city as compared to Bangalore. When I came here I realized that the people are very good in speaking English, I'm Gurditta, an Engineering Student from Punjab. After joining mam's classes, I not only developed my confidence in speaking English but also Read More Gurditta Read More. I am an IT professional and it was destiny which brought me to these classes. This course not only helps in improving vocabulary and grammar but also gives a confidence to speak in public. I am Saravanan 7. Before joining this job, I was searching a job in IT field.

The course lives to the name it portrays. And Shobha Misra is excellent, she has immense knowledge on all the topics.

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She knows who needs what kind of assistance and takes care of that. The course has taught me to be more practical in life. I was someone who was not Read More Read More. Hi All As a part of my course I had been put up in project work in I-flex solutions Domlur. I felt myself not upto the mark in communication skills Read More Nalinakshi Read More. I am Lakshminarayana and I would like to share my experience about the communication classes and institute.

I used to face problems in communication, Interpersonal skills and nonverbal signals before joining class. Mam I am very thankful to you first, as I have improved in all the aspects and learnt Read More Lakshminarayana. M Read More. I would like to share my perception about your class on Communication skills and personality development briefly. An out-of-town school trip is planned for grades 6 and above during Term 2. Report card[ edit ] The school's report card is an assessment of a students work.

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Each of these categories has four sub-categories for example, Reading breaks down into Interest, Imagination, Verbal Skills and Group Activity. Communication[ edit ] The school sends out circulars, mostly once a month, to communicate with parents, these circulars are generally sent by mail to avoid the use of paper. Beginning Junethe school has started communicating with parents by e-mail. Teachers use email or social media and are approachable by phone. School and home work assignments continue to be communicated through a daily diary that students need to maintain.

By requiring parents to sign the dairy daily, however, the school prefers to have the parents to stay involved. Handwritten notes between teacher and parent - all recorded in the student's diary - continue to be the norm even to request a meeting. Demographic[ edit ] The student demographic is largely made up of Indian families who have had some exposure to the west, mostly the United States. Many children were born in the US, raised there for a few years before returning to India when their families relocated. Or students have parents who are professionals who were themselves either schooled in the west or who travel to western countries on a regular basis. This gives the school a quasi-international flair while it retains a largely Indian approach to education, academic discipline, arts and culture.

The school requires students to attend both Indian and Western music classes each week.

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