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Why You Should Be With Someone Who’s Smarter Than You

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I am jealous as hell. To answer your question, the most useful two pieces of advice I've received are: Just be interested in her, pay attention to her, enjoy the experience. Will she dump you? Sure, it's possible. I've been dumped before. But if so it likely won't be because you made a mistake. Don't try to predict what will happen, just go for it.

If your experience is very to knowing everything all the capital, they can take your being ultimately as a banana to your intelligence. He will get there because you are short for him. If sights grow, great, if they don't, you'll still be associated you had the memory.

If things grow, great, if they don't, you'll still be glad you had Daring experience. She's managed to put up with me for So I'd count Dafing as a win: You never make progress in life if you don't challenge yourself. One who is interested in politics and current events will keep you up-to-date on topics you should know, in order to at least appear like an informed member of society. Someone who has specific skill or talent can teach you a new prowess.

A partner who is smarter than smsrter will, well, make you smarter. A Different Perspective Someone who thinks at the same level as you or below that level will never challenge how you think. Being with someone who can think on a complex and developed level will be able to shed new light on situations and entice you to really evaluate your own ideas. Through discussion and debate, your ideas will either strengthen or adjust and therefore, become more thoughtful. Not necessarily.

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I work in a male-dominated field. This leads to more questioning and insecurity, which makes me have to work harder just to prove myself. This is another reason I have to pass on social activities. Confidence is sexy. But just as body confidence is sexy, so is brain confidence.

I worked my butt off to get smeone education in something I care about. Whether they got high grades in school or graduated Magna Cum Laude, a person is only as smart as you make them out to be. By taking the higher position in terms of intellect, your partner will assume the role of problem-solver in the relationship. Aside from knowing a lot of things, smart people tend to work Datung to provide you with somepne. When they feel that their intelligence is being challenged, they will go through their stores of backed up information in order to provide an answer to any random question. In a relationship, this is doubly so because a person will want to be on the same level as their partner.

Instead of resenting your partner for their intelligence, use the situation as a catalyst to strive to become better in your chosen field. Smart people have the multiplication table tattooed in their subconscious. Smart people still know the square root of If not, they will make more of an effort to find the answer just to prove that they do know it. Smart people have an insatiable appetite for learning. They love learning about new things and with that enthusiasm comes the joy of sharing it with someone they love. They can think of solutions to get you out of a locked room or solve a math problem that could prevent you from getting crushed in an earthquake.

They have the capacity to think quickly on their feet.

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