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Ultrasound - Pregnancy

All of our examples last a comprehensive and profitable medical report which you can do with your GP or premium, if desired. Toll and trading, including kidneys, liver, insolvency and heart.

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The scans are usually performed to assess your babies development including growth. Early pregnancy scans stoc,port not usually offered through stocckport NHS, however you can have one privately without affecting your NHS entitlement. It will confirm that your pregnancy is healthy, ongoing and will calculate the date your baby is due. We will undertake an assessment of your baby's head, brain and face. When booking your appointment, we'll aim to book you in at the closest clinic to you and at a time convenient to you. This scan is used to ascertain the position of your baby close to the delivery date.

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It is important to remember that not all abnormalities can be seen at all stages of pregnancy. If the baby is in the correct position we can also usually provide you with the gender in this scan. A nuchal scan can assess the risk of your baby having Down Syndrome and other chromosomal abnormalities. We can offer the following types of Obstetric scans: Presentation scan Available from 38 - 40 weeks.

They are key to stockporr that your baby's measurements are within normal range, for both the parents and Datign. It also causes still births and preterm labour. All of our scans include a comprehensive and accurate medical report which you can share with your GP or midwife, if desired. Referring a patient If you are a medical professional looking to refer your patient to us, you can write a referral letter to us and if you know the consultant that you would like your patient to see, please outline this on the letter.

Stockport Dating scan

We understand stocmport you may wish to share your scanning appointment with other members of your family and are very welcome to bring them along with you. This scan is to assess how your baby is developing inside the womb, we will check measurements and also the amniotic fluid. The test is available from 10 weeks, offering greater clarity at an earlier stage of pregnancy. We also accept unnamed referrals. This is also sometimes referred to as a Viability Scan confirming the viability of your pregnancy or Dating Scan to date your pregnancy.

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