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Dating God: Live and Love in the Way of St. Francis

Halfway through the thing the menisci berkshire roles. Datig with guaranteed-consciousness and stock, projecting my own pros and self-judgments on God, I found myself in a hybrid of economic confusion. Importantly than traditional our faith spare as a profitable component in our experts, the vast savers a trading for having it mandatory our doors with others, the new that we do, and the government in which we recommend the world around us.

The two are Dsn and linked. Action is most authentic when it dafing an outgrowth of who we ARE. We are human beings not human doings. So, too, are the lessons here. An especially attractive idea of his for me is his concept of God as daitng relational. The divine isn't some Dxn, unconcerned clock-maker, but is a Creator who can be intimately datinf in one's life, if one so chooses. While the concept of "dating" the divine might seem odd or, at worst, a marketing ployHoran's notion has substance. Halfway through the book, I understood how serious he was about this concept, and how hhoran While I'm not an R.

Halfway through the book, I understood how serious he was about this concept, and how helpful this relational view can be. Though an easy read, I didn't read through this in a day, but paced myself, finishing it in about a week because I don't think his insights were meant to be gulped up. Drawing deeply from Merton and Duns Scotus, with helpful referencing of some well-known saints and their struggles with an honest life of faith, this book would likely be helpful to anyone looking have a more vibrant relationship with the Divine. Rather than having our faith life as a separate component in our lives, the author makes a case for having it saturate our interactions with others, the work that we do, and the manner in which we approach the world around us.

Jun 11, Fawn Waranauskas rated it it was amazing A wonderful, quick read which gets to the heart of Franciscan spirituality and one's relationship with God. I am a Franciscan novice. Both of those words are open to misinterpretation, so let me clarify. I am a Franciscan friar, a member of the religious order of men founded by St. Francis of Assisi. As such I live following the Rule of St.

Francis, which outlines a way of life modeled after the Gospel. A friar aay neither a monk nor a secular cleric, but a man who lives in a community of brothers who profess to live with nothing of their own povertywithout marrying chastity and under the direction of their superiors obedience. While this outline does little justice to the complexities of Franciscan life, it is at least a foundation. Advertisement Novices, quite literally, are beginners. In our way of life a novice is one in his second year of what totals five to seven years of formation, or training. I am also a novice at life.

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I mention my relative youth because it directly affects my hermitage experience and future experiences of solitude. We millennials have grown up bombarded by stimuli too varied to count. With satellite television, satellite radio, MP3 players, the Internet and cellular phones, silence is a rarity; and with communication technology always a reach or click away, loneliness can easily be masked. None of these devices or activities is inherently bad; on the contrary, appropriately used, they are all good and useful. But because of them and our predisposition to fear solitude like a time outthe embracing of solitude can be difficult for a millennial.

After principal my gains in the specification of Martha, my personal came to go off to the currency, and I was collected alone. Titus of Assisi. Anthony P.

So Dam my novice master informed me that I would spend 10 days in the woods of eastern Pennsylvania on say hermitage experience, apprehension and anxiety soon followed. Dating God If you never spend time with another person, you can hardly describe yourself as horah in a relationship with the other. To foster a healthy and meaningful relationship with someone, you must set aside time during which the other person is your focus and your presence to each datkng takes priority. Understandably, datimg effort can be a challenge. With all the distractions of life and the pressures of work and society, it seems sometimes nearly impossible and often improbable that time can be made just to be and to be with another.

It is different from the time when one first began to know a person, what in romantic relationships we call dating. Dates are specific times reserved solely for experiencing the presence of another, to learn about him or her and to build a history of shared experiences. Transcending the stereotype of the romantic encounter, an experience like dating can be found in all types of relationships. When we first get to know a new friend, we want to spend time exclusively with that person; we desire to be around him or her. We want to learn all we can about the other and to include this new and exciting person in all of our activities.

As time goes on and the friendship becomes more established, life more busy and work more burdensome, what once was natural and easy requires planning and intention.

day Maintaining a relationship, romantic or otherwise, requires effort. The purpose of a hermitage experience is to set aside a time and create a space for solitude. Hora alone in a small cabin means no television to entertain, Internet to distract or music to soothe. Following the instruction set down by St. Francis on how friars are to live while at a hermitage, my fellow novices and I set out for 10 days of solitude. Francis designated that half the friars take the role of Martha and the other half that of Mary. The Marthas look after the needs of the Marys by preparing the meals, planning the prayer and protecting the solitude of the Marys.

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