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In legs this post is understandable by very assessments, asbestos, and down evaluation. Preece Lynnwood Handler reort Pretoria.

I also thank Dr. R, Darmstadt, Germany, Mr. In Aril 2 Dr. My thanks also goes to our studbook comiler Mrs. For years now Lahore Zoo, Pakistan, Is looking for a male White rhino for their currently 3 year old female.

The male died en route In 99! If you can hel lease contact Dr. Robert Hermes, Thomas B. Esecially the low reroduction rate In the F generation Is of great concern. Variable oestrous cycle lengths of 35 or 7 days has been described, yet it was not determined whether one or both are hysiological. Siient oestrus due to sibling relationshi, concetion and regnancy failure due to resumed uterine athology further demonstrate the multi-factorial character of the roblem. In addition to the difficulties reorted In females, It was not yet determined what role male subor infertility might lay. Little emhasis has been ut on the evaluation of male fertility. Endocrinology rovides fundamental and ractical information for the reroductive management of the cative female.

In addition to reorted hormonal dysfunctions, It was widely assumed that animals managed ex situ develo reroductive athologies which remain undetected by means of endocrinology. In the ast ultrasonograhy has roven to be a valuable tool, mostly underutilized for the exloration of reroductive mechanisms and urogenltal tract athologies Hxr. Soradic use of ultrasonograhy for reroductive health assessment In other rhinoceros secies revealed long resent athologies not until late in their rogression. Examles of observed reroductive athologies include a high incidence of benign uterine muscle tumours lelomyomata In the Asian Hx r. Regular ultrasound monitoring of the urogenltal organs describe morhological changes during known reroductive events such as the oestrous cycle and regnancy In the Sumatran and Black rhinoceros ROTH et al.

Through these studies new knowledge was generated In regard to the functional Interaction of the reroductive organs. The broad alication of reroductive ultrasound and electroejaculatlon for semen collection in over 5 Individuals Incororated in an ongoing research effort elucidated further causes for reroductive failure In the White rhinoceros. In females ultrasound roved as a tool of utmost Imortance for the Identification of: Uterine and ovarian athologies were Identified as additional severe roblems contributing to the low reroduction rate. In addition to the summarised female roblems, subfertlllty resectively infertility was resent in a large number of the examined males.

Some of the here described assessments were executed In restraint devices without the However due to th I k training rograms in r: Sonogram and ost mortem rearation of endometrial cysts in the uterine horn. Ultrasound documented uterine athologies regardless whether a female showed a regular oestrous or no cyclic activities at all, are Indeendent from regular or missing oestrous cycle activities. The gravity of athological changes stood In relation to the resumed number of lifetime non-concetive cycles and to age. In contrast, females of advanced age which had one or a number of regnancies showed remarkably few or no athologies In their genital organs.

In these females regnancy and lactation seemed to have reserved the health and function of the reroductive organs. In the wild most females throughout their reroductive lifetime onl y have a small number of oestrous cycles.

Considering inter-calving intervals of 4. In cativity regnancy zuchgbuch lactation Is a rather rare event. Similar t o other secies as reorted by Hl! RKBB et al. Suosedly chances for successful reroduction are reduced with the rising number of llfetlme non-concetive cycles and with age. These findings show that sole endocrine monitoring and determination of a regular oestrous cycle in females older than 5 y ears does not yleld enough information to consider an lndlvldual reroductively healthy. In flatllner, non-existing cycle activities, ovarian cysts, ersistent "micro" corora lutea, or Inactive ovaries were inointed to be resonsible for the resent lnfertlllty In females.

According to these ultrasound secifications hormone theraies were develoed which for the first time were alied to resol ve seclflcally diagnosed ovarian dysfunction. Combined endocrine and sonograhlc follow-u examinations control the effect of treatments and the regression or rogression of athologies.

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onlime This aroach made It easier to evaluate and otimise hormonal theraies. The systematic evaluation of male fertility by means of electroejaculatlon showed sitse the low reroducti ve erformance of onlihe cative White rhinoceros Is not an one-sided zuctbuch issue. In addition to female-related lnfertlllty, infertile or sjtes males with oor semen quality seems to ose an additional roblem. When ultrasound assessed, In all male genital organs rior to semen collection an Inactivity of the accessory sex glands was noted but no morhological causes were determined that could have been resonsible for the subfertlllty or Infertility.

At this oint It remains seculative what exact causes led to the reduced semen quality In most males and whether this status is reversible or rogressive. Sonogram and ost mortem rearation of uterine leiomyoma. The management of large breeding grous with several males has been v ery successful. However, social stress induced by other dominant males or dominant female s may lay a decisive role In the reroductive condition of an Individual subdominant bull which at this oint still needs to be determined through behav ioural studies. In conclusion, increased evaluation of the reroductive soundness of White rhino males and females may hel to understand and overcome 11 - VllI.

Ultrasound combined with endocrine evaluations and behavioural assessments should form an imerative trias to determine otential female breeders, to Identify causes of reroductive failure, and to develo mitigating treatments. In males this trias is formed by behavioural assessments, ultrasound, and semen evaluation.

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It Is roosed that rior to the translocatlon of an animal for breeding urose a three ste management scheme should be followed: The chronology of this aroach facllitates the evaluation of an individual's breeding otential and the effective use of available but limited resources. By imlementing changes in management, or a new social environment reroductive activities could be resumed. Another aim Is to avoid the relocation of ost reroductive females or those with considerable athologically changed genital organs to Institutions with sound breeding caacities. Serious Injuries or mortal accidents have to be taken Into consideration when alying this management strategy. The reroductive slgnalllng of Individuals might be Influenced by the reroductive dysfunction afflicting aggressions in the new environment.

All institutions contributing to this 'arch have our deeest gratitude for their engagement. Ochs A International Stu db oo k f r the White rhinoceros. Therlogeno ogy. Ultrasonograhy et. Chemica res ra n I n semen collection and Ceratotherium. Ultrasonograhy of the estrous cycle In female African elehants logy, 9, Loxodonta africana. Zoo Blo address: Robert Herme. Use of ultrasonograhy In zoo animals. Fowler and R. Miller eds. Finding Hertfordshire dates can be simple as long as you are willing to do the smart thing and meet a variety of people at once. So in pursuit of those cheat codes, we asked Anna and Tracey to corroborate which League-identified success trends played out in their own scenario, and then extend any additional tips from personal experience.

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