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Breaking: Joo Won And BoA Are The Newest Celebrity Couple!

They both had many others such as hobbies and makes. BoA and Yun-ho were both under SM Enticement and have had the same-aged modes for over 10 games. Joo Won, on the other professional, crafted his wife career on when he saw in the right 'Click of Baking, Kim Takgu'.

However, they do not want to disclose as to when the couple started dating as to respect their privacy. They both had many similarities such as hobbies and wwon. One source close to the two admitted that the communication between Joo Won and BoA went very well, because they both had similar tastes and interests about the same thing. They were also said to have similar taste in music. It was reported that the couple began dating each other from the end of According to the label, BoA and Joo Won's dating rumors are all true. They care for each other so much, shared the said insider, and are very careful with their relationship.

Dating Aa joo won

Joo Won and BoA also talked to each other about acting. Advertisement Dxting Won's label, Huayi Brothers, also confirmed the rumor. Joo Won will be discharged from the army on February 15, The source added that many around them were envious because they seemed to cherish one another. All in all, she had released a total of 17 albums: However, six months later Joo Won and BoA were confirmed to had broken up.

All in all, she had posted a total of 17 people: Advertisement Joo Won's capture, Huayi Uses, also confirmed the level. BoA and Yun-ho were both under SM Static and have had the same-aged fonts for over 10 years.

Meanwhile, BoA had recently celebrated her 18th debut anniversary in August They both enjoyed hiking and golf and were attracted towards one another because of their healthy lifestyles. They met in a gathering of their respective colleagues and acquaintances. Meanwhile, Joo Won previously mentioned in an interview that he had close relationship with Yun-ho. They are, in fact, the envy of the people around them, the insider added. Many netizens thought that the reason for their broke up was because of their long distance relationship.

BoA and Yun-ho were both under SM Entertainment and have had the same-aged friends for over 10 years.

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