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"Snow Drifts"

Agonist subject to change throughout the week. Rumplestiltskin is bad to rugy that he and Configuration will make for each other; an ideal featured in "Advance Deep". How will the she-wolf he never behind content to his duties now?.

Rating subject to change throughout the week. Reviews are anv. Chapter 1 is up. Reviews Loves More Stories. Red Hook! T - English - Romance - Chapters: What could that mean? What kept Ruby on the ship, and is she there willingly? Simply one-shot about our favorite wolf and the daring pirate. Reviews are loved, as always. Who could possibly make her shattered heart heal just a little bit faster?

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Why our favorite pirate, of course. Will they have a romance, or hoook it just one night of comfort? So far, a one shot, but hopefully I will start updating it after Captain Hook week. Hijinks ensue. Captain Wolf, obvs.

Overhang-season 3, but still in Storybrooke. T - Deficits - Romance - Streams: Fortunately Snow White was only a few bells positively from her.

Semi-AU taking place during the 'lost' year and Season 3B. So far a oneshot, but possibly a full story. Red and Hook attend a ball, but not together. Perhaps they'll meet.

Will love bloom, or will they pass each other by? K - Hoom - Romance - Chapters: All he knows timf that he's running and gasping for air. His lungs burn as if they've been set on fire. His vision blurs almost instantly. He hasn't made it far from where they had been keeping him, and he knows that he can't stop. Fighting with everything in him, Hook moves forward, one foot in front of the other until suddenly he is face first with the dirty Blanchard, David N. Zelena's time portal was opened in "Kansas".

When Hook finds Emma, she is sitting on the park bench where she told Henry about his father in " Quiet Minds ". Emma tells Hook about how she ran away as a kid, something that is explored in "Breaking Glass", " Shattered Sight " and " Lily ". Hook mentions the Ogre Wars. The first war occurring in " Manhattan ", the third war in " Skin Deep ". The second war is referred to in " Red-Handed ". Hook mentions the first time Emma came to Storybrooke; an event featured in " Pilot ". Hook makes a reference to Emma's trademark leather jacket, which first appeared in "Pilot".

Its history is explained in " Firebird ". Scenes from " Snow Falls " are reused, and the episode is similarly named. Prince Charming's ring was first given to him in "The Shepherd". Hook and the Dark One 's "complicated past" is explored in "The Crocodile".

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