Dating party at the shards

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Singletons: Win Tickets To A Dating Party Up The Shard

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Miss Twenty-Nine xxx. Some too involved pzrty there were certainly a couple of outfit decisions which women were regretting as they stretched further and further out across the plastic grass covered floor! Left Food Red! One of the benefits of running the event at 10pm was that most of the crowd were already merry and up for a laugh, so people got really involved in the game.

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There Daying a really good crowd, and the top floor was heaving — both with people playing Twister, and others spectating around the outside of the room, or taking photos of awkwardly shadrs friends! Laid out in traditional DoingSomething colours, the entire 78th floor of the Shard was covered in coloured circular mats. There were lots of opportunities to pose for photos, and ironically there was so much going on that you basically forgot the incredible views around you! The activity was fun and a real ice breaker, and people were really getting into the spirit of things.

As far as dating events go, it was a real success. Giant was the operative word — the game was HUGE! And as I queued up with a crowd of eager singletons, waiting for entry to the iconic building, the atmosphere was already electric. There were a couple of logistical issues with the game — the circles were MILES apart, and because they were trying to run one huge game around the circular room, it meant if you came up at the wrong time, you had to wait some time to join in with the next game, however everyone was getting really stuck in! We both commented on how busy the event was, and how even the split of guys and girls seemed to be.

A girl can dream ….

The Dating shards at party

People sneaked glances at each other in the queue, and then in groups of 12 we were ushered into the lifts and up to the 69th floor for a welcome drink. A guy in a top hat and white suit, wrapped in fairy lights, was doing laps of the top deck, barking Twister instructions out to the crowd on a megaphone. The Twister proved a really fun, decent ice-breaker, and everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves! It was a great location, really well attended, and had the right mix of guys and girls. I was at a dating event.

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