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Visual Guide To Coordinating Brown Trousers With Different Color Shoes

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Dark brown shoes with dark grey trousers makes total sense. Does this still work when the shoes are suede as opposed to leather?

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Or if the trousers are shoss instead of dressy? These questions only put a crack in the tip of the iceberg. No wonder so many guys are looking for answers! Methodology Our methodology was to focus on color, first and foremost. We feel that this is the most important factor to consider and that everything else falls into place underneath that. This formed a large portion of how we arrived at the conclusions we did.

Once you step into more wjth styles, however, blue is a perfect way to add some personality to looks. Textured leathers like nubuck work xhoes in navy, says Vieira, and can even be worn as a pop of unexpected colour in black casual outfits. If in doubt, use a brighter sock in a complementary shade, like red, to break things up a little bit. White Trainers When Common Projects launched its Achilles Low almost 15 years ago, the Italian-American shoe brand helped cement a new category in menswear; the sneaker that acted like a smart shoe.

In fact, the only tricky thing wiyh white trainers is keeping them that way. To keep them pristine, eear them with Crep Protect spray and then keep some babywipes in your bag or desk drawer for touch-ups during the day. Colourful Trainers Where white trainers led, its brighter plumaged brethren followed. Time was that bold-hued sneakers were only for exercise. Navy Navy trousers with black shoes is one thing, but navy shoes with black trousers is another. This combination will serve more as a distraction than anything else. Orange Nope.

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Nope nope nope. We suggest you not even try. Now that you have read about the how to match light grey trousers with shoes, check out some iwth guides below: Green shoes are much better with beige, blue, or tan trousers. Jeans are also a better bet. Try any of these combinations before attempting to pair green shoes with brown pants. Orange Orange and brown has a weirdly seventies feel to us, and we all know that the seventies were the worst decade for menswear, seconded only by the nineties. If you ever find a brown tie with a faint burnt orange pattern, fine, maybe that will work.

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