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But now a different conversation is emerging in the black community. Rather than fixate on the bleak statistics, some have started working to bring singles together in ways once considered taboo by many African-Americans.

They are orchestrating matches on Twitter and Facebook. Some are hosting meet-ups and living-room gatherings for black singles to mix and mingle. Others are luring singles into their lounges for candid conversations about how to date and how to find true love. This grass-roots movement is forcing some singles out of their comfort zones and into territory once viewed with trepidation by many African-Americans. Traditionally, African-Americans shied away from professional matchmakers and relationship coaching, said Paul Carrick Brunson, a Washington-based matchmaker.

Brunson said interest in his work as a matchmaker has grown steadily over the past two years. Every ethnicity is obsessed with relationships. We all have the drive to love and relationships are an integral part of our lives. Brunson brought his popular speed-dating event to Chicago for the first time over the weekend.

Sidney and Dre have been cheerleaders since childhood, but have never had each other as touched decks—until Dre rounds engaged to Reese Nicole Ari Fort and Brian accepts a proposal from Kelby Boris Kodjoe. They are orchestrating hinges on Lan and Facebook.

Lobby card for The Gunsaulus Mystery Produced primarily in northern cities, the target audience consisted primarily of poor southern blacks and southerners who had migrated northward. Many race films, particularly those produced by white studios, expressed middle-class urban values, especially education and industriousness. Common themes included the "improvement" of the black race, the supposed tension between educated and uneducated blacks, and the tragic consequences in store for blacks who resisted liberal capitalist values. The most famous race movie, The Scar of Shameincorporated all of these themes.

Race films typically avoided explicit depictions of poverty, ghettossocial decay, and crime. When such elements appeared, they often did so in the background or as plot devices. Race films rarely treated the subjects of social injustice and race relations, although blacks were legally disenfranchised in the South and suffered discrimination in the North and South. Race films avoided many of the popular black stock characters found in contemporary mainstream films, or else relegated these stereotypes to supporting roles and villains. Micheaux depicted his protagonists as educated, prosperous, and genteel.

Micheaux hoped to give his audience something to help them "further the race". October 21, Moonlight deserved every single accolade that it received during the last awards season. From the impeccable cinematography to the emotions that are captured in scenes where there are no words, Moonlight offered a necessary alternative to the heteronormative romances that we often see onscreen. In the second chapter of the movie, Chiron, played by an astute Ashton Sanders, falls in love with his classmate and protector Kevin Jharrel Jerome. Her mother, who bestowed her with the name Justice, has died.

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The grandmother who helped her survive has died and left Justice her home in South Central Los Angeles. Her boyfriend, Markell Q-Tipzmerican just wanted to enjoy a night at the drive-thru movie theater with her, has died—shot right in front of her after bringing her a tub of popcorn. She spends her days at the local beauty shop where she works, and then retreats to her home to write poetry, watch movies, and love on her cat White Boy. That all changes when Lucky Tupac Shakura local postal clerk, comes into the hair salon to drop off mail and begins flirting with her. July 1, Boomerang has it all: Boomerang also offers an apt lesson in how dating could be a much more fun endeavor if we all cared less about attachment.

For advertising executive Marcus Graham Eddie Murphywomen are a dime-a-dozen. February 7, Deliver Us From Eva toys with a lot of tropes that have been used to malign Black women. Eva Dandridge Gabrielle Union is framed as a Sapphire who emasculates men through her sharp tongue, ambition, and refusal to be subservient. After their parents died, she had to sacrifice her dreams in order to ensure that her sisters were taken care of and able to pursue their own dreams.

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