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The pueblo in time became known as the Ciudad de Los Angeles City of the Angelsand it is from this contraction that encounterrs present name is derived. The origin of its name is not clear. One story says that the ehcounters was named sexula Chief Marin, of the Licatiut tribe of Indians who inhabited Carvon section and waged fierce battle against the early Spanish military explorers. The other version is that the bay between San Pedro and San Quentin points was named Bahia de Nuestra Senora del Rosario la Marinera by Ayala inand it is quite possible that Marin is simply an abbreviation of this name.

The county took its name from Mariposa Creek. Some say these butterflies were really butterfly lilies. The county derived its name from Cape Mendocino, which was probably named in honor of either Antonio de Mendoza, Viceroy of New Spain, who sent the Juan Cabrillo Expedition to this coast inor Lorenzo Suarez de Mendoza, Viceroy from to Mendocino is an adjective form of the family name of Mendoza. It derived its name from a fierce Indian tribe that lived at the Pit River headwaters. MONO Created It derived its name from the Bay of Monterey. Named after Napa Valley. This county was given the name of Orange to sound like a semi-tropical paradise in order to encourage immigration.

This county was created from portions of San Diego and San Bernardino counties and derived its name from the City of Riverside, christened when the upper canal of the Santa Ana River reached it in The county was named by Captain Moraga after the Sacramento River. Named after San Benito Valley. In his expedition inCrespi named a small river in honor of San Benidicto Saint Benedictthe patron saint of the married, and it is from the contraction of this name that the county took its name. Saint Bernard is the patron saint of mountain passes. Named after San Diego Bay, which had been rechristened by Vizcaino inin honor of the Franciscan, San Diego de Alcala de Henares, whose name was borne by his flagship.

The county takes its name from the San Joaquin River. In the early s Lieutenant Moraga, commanding an expedition in the lower great Central Valley of California, gave the name of San Joaquin meaning Saint Joachim to a rivulet that springs from the Sierra Nevada mountains and empties into Buena Vista Lake. The county bears the Spanish name for Saint Matthew. As a place name, St.

Until aboutthe name crafted as San Matheo. The kite snacks its name there from that of the Hong missionary, Father Francisco Soviet, whose name was calculated in baptism to the only of one of the Swiss tribes of the most. Limpia ese window, camarada.

Delia is addressed in the third encounyers. The poet and his beloved are bound to Carvon other by their philadelphic integration into the multitude, not by their erotic passion for each other. Encoujters, Neruda here almost excludes eros entirely: The erotic relationship at the heart of Los versos is put through a similar dialectical process in which the insurgent subject attempts to conscientize the beloved and transform eros from a singular to a collectively oriented passion. The result, however, is a complete failure.

Urrutia recounts the Bucharest trip in her own memoir as fraught with emotional strain. Living in the same house as her paramour and his wife left caused her to become ill: Urrutia refers to at least five poems from Los versos that he gave her during this trip: According to Robert Pring-Mill, whose careful work has traced the chronology of the text, the trip from Romania to China lasted approximately a month. During this time Neruda, separated from Matilde and travelling with Delia surreptitiously wrote twelve poems over the course of a day during the long stretch of travel across Russia and Mongolia. Two months later 15 Neruda reunited with Urrutia in Switzerland and decided to remain together during his time in Europe, beginning with a week-long stay in the town of Nyon on the shore of Lake Leman.

Ahora bien: La de la columna derecha es obvia y harto conocida: This osmosis is experienced as a paradox: The source of sense- 18 contemplation shifts from the gaze, which reduces, to touch which triggers desire for sexual union with an embodied counterpart. Her size becomes human and on par with his own: He no longer merely kisses Rosario, but through her the entirety of the earth. The woman-as-terrain is actually only one half of the spiritual communion in question. This title invokes both a dyadic union through the traditional association of queen with consort, as well as an association with territory, with a circumscribed Earth.

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Veo los monumentos de antigua piedra rota, pero si toco la cicatriz de piedra tu cuerpo me responde, mis dedos reconocen de pronto, estremecidos, tu caliente dulzura. As in Tercera residencia, the eroticism of the opening section is intrinsically linked to isolation and alienation from collective reality. Sexual encounter with the beloved, which holds out the hope of his transcending that isolation and finding redemption and communion, only exacerbates the problem. In Los versos, the poet and beloved attain a kind of communion with one another, but it is a communion threatened by the very solitude that it creates.

No veo la bestia veloz No veo el ciego ciclo de sus garras, Veo el antiguo ser, servidor, el dormido En los campos. For Blake the source of corruption is the passage of time and the influence of the world, but for Neruda it is the opposite. The longer his energies are locked in to a contemplation of the beloved, the more he becomes conscious of her difference, drifting back into the visionary disjunct of his Residencia self. Cynthia Duncan in particular makes this argument: They cannot descend with small doses of daily affection, to the terrain where ordinary men put their love into practice. The fundamental difference between Los versos and Tercera residencia, however, lies in the question of who is transformed.

In the latter, his entire enterprise is hamstrung by the sexual and intersubjective difference of the beloved. Conscientization is an intransitive, not a transitive experience. The results of this attempted impossibility are nearly paradoxical.

On the other hand, she never really fully converts to a militant companion, but remains an erotic one: En mi patria encountegs un monte. Ven conmigo. La noche al monte sube. Neruda now assigns them as geographical features of his nation, a space encoynters by the multitude and given dimension by their sufferings within it: She is not merely his beloved, she is a soldier in the army of which he is the Captain. In this heavy ending, the lyrical speaker attempts to resolve lzs paradoxical situation that hampers his entire enterprise. Rosario herself is not entirely absorbed into this multitude, however: Ya no puedes volver a bailar con tu traje de seda en la sala.

Te vas a romper los zapatos, pero vas a crecer en la marcha. Limpia ese fusil, camarada. Yet for Neruda, something of eros always remains. Rosario may not go to the ballroom anymore, but she is still his lover. The geographical elements mentioned in the poem are Chilean, instead of the Central American provenance of his insurgent persona. Forest Lawn Memorial Park attendees hold candles to honor homeless persons who died in the Glendale area in Joanne Kim Los Angeles city and county officials are stepping up efforts to combat homelessness, and residents have voted to tax themselves to pay for an increase in homeless services overall. The number of winter shelter beds available during the coldest months of the year dropped from 1, to 1, This should be cause for concern.

Seven of 10 homeless hypothermia deaths happened in December or January. Most who died were men in their 50s and 60s. Incounty voters—faced with an exploding homeless population of more than 50,—supported Measure H, a 0. Jessica Goodheart But those funds are not paying for more beds for the winter shelter program, a year-old hypothermia prevention effort that providers say is a critical resource, if not the most effective way of connecting homeless people to permanent housing and services.

Such shelters are generally open from early December through Encounterd and house people for just 14 hours daily, creating logistical sexul for service providers and p,umas homeless clients, who must be rousted from their beds in the early mornings and find their way back in the evening. Homeless people benefit from more stable housing, from where they can look for jobs and take advantage of services. Many providers who ran winter shelter programs in the past are now running year-round facilities and no longer have the capacity to open separate shelters for the winter, according to Raquel Ziegler, Crisis Housing Coordinator for LAHSA. Managers of winter shelter programs often face exacting fire safety requirements and operational hassles — as well as neighborhood opposition.

Ziegler is not satisfied with the number of beds available through the winter shelter program, however.

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