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Shailene Woodley makes it official with Ben Volavola

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Dating shai divas Theo and confirmed

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Young star: Shailene made her feature film debut in the critically acclaimed movie The Descendants with George Clooney Big turtlenecks: Shailene and Jimmy showed good hand and eye coordination playing the game No rest for the wicked! Following their tiring cross-country flight from Los Angeles to New York on Tuesday, the pair had a quick wardrobe change before hitting the ground running with a visit to the MTV studios Share or comment on this article: Shailene Woodley and Theo James show chemistry on the Today show. Is Shailene Woodley the homewrecker? Theo James and Ruth Kearney were well on their way to getting married. Even though none of these actors have come out and said anything, we have our theory!

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Soon after, there was news that they do not just share the chemistry on-screen but off-screen as well. Theo James and Shailene Woodley Source: Pinterest It does not just stop to this, according to some sources this on-screen couple was seen very close to each other, they were holding hands, enjoying the desert and even kissing passionately. There's more to the fire, James and Woodley seem touching each other quite closely in photographs as well. But, that could be just PR for the movies, couldn't it? So what does the fiance has to say about it? Of course, that's not to say that Theo is the object of her affections she was hinting at, with the actress to appear in three big-screen roles this year alone.

Still, the year-old does admit in a new interview with Entertainment Ad that the chemistry between the pair on the set of the futuristic action-adventure was dtaing to everyone. Cosy co-stars: Relationship rumours have long followed the stunning actress and her Divergent co-star Theo James, with adting pair displaying their chemistry as they promote the movie around the country ahead of its March 21 release - here in Toronto on March 5 Tactile twosome: While she's yet to confirm anything, the year-old has spoken of the fact that everyone on set commented on the pair's 'crazy chemistry', adding that it was the Brit's natural acting and commanding presence that scored him the lead in the trilogy 'We auditioned a lot of guys, and a lot of these actors were playing male, masculine leaders.

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