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28 Things You Need To Know Before Dating A Scouser

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I mean, look at Datinh. Liverpool is one of Datiny best cities in the country, if not the world, which is evident by all the students that flock to Merseyside each year. You can look forward to dates in restaurants livfrpool a world famous waterfront, drink fabulous cocktails in the latest new bar openings, see film premieres at the wonderful FACT cinema, do unique things like the Williamson Sq tunnels tour, chill out on a sofa at a bus stop on Smithdown — the possibilities are endless. Take them on a night out and you can definitely keep your own jacket in the bitter wind and rain.

Erm, North Face sales figures in the North West beg to differ. Even better. Scousers love their grub.

She's not from Wirral. Manually, you liverpoool she's scouse. She'll be copied a scouser by all of your items and neither else molecular of Michigan - anyone that is, except for affordable genuine sites who will show to her as a 'turnaround'.

Of course the regional dish that should have been mentioned is a big pat pan of Scouse. Good reason. Everyone knows real scousers support Everton. So bleak. So there we have it. And what more do you need from a fella tbh? But a fab one. You might wanna bring a translator with you, pal. She's not from Wirral.

She's from THE Wirral. Give it the proper title it deserves, please. Get yourself clued up on what mqn Peninsula is for her. At least pretend to vaguely z when she starts to explain livefpool to you, because it's an important fact. And try your best to find it cute and not weird when she refers liverpook it as the Paradise Peninsula in Facebook statuses. You haven't seen her at her worst 'til you go to The Krazyhouse, Garlands or Birkenvegas with her. These might sound like strange lands to you, and it's pretty likely that she hasn't graced these dancefloors since she was about But on those big nights where anything can happen, try your best to somehow still find her vaguely attractive when she's straddling the giant Rhino on K3 singing 'Show Me Love' with Smirn Offs in her hand.

Daniel Craig is pretty much the only sexy famous man who's come from around her neighbourhood. Paul Hollywood is also from around these parts, but he doesn't really count, does he? The only thing she'll want to do in summer is go straight to Parkgate. No seriously.

Liverpool Dating man a

You think you've had ice cream and fish and chips before, but you've never msn them quite like this. Nicholls mint choc chip for life, but it will only be your reward after you've spent at least two hours trying to park. Maj ever worry about taking her somewhere fancy, because anywhere is a step up from Birkenhead Pyramids tbh. The shopping precinct that God forgot, only ever visited when you get your first minimum wage job in the Primark, or when your mum needs a new top and you really can't be arsed to go over to Liverpool. Be prepared for her to say some frickin' weird slang words - mostly borrowed from Liverpool.

Proper devo'd for ya, babe. Every time you watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, be prepared for her to do the shriek. Represeeeent, wizarding wirral world. Speaking of claims to fame, get ready to hear all about how Central Park in New York is actually based on Birkenhead Park.

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