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HP PCs - Downloading or Updating Software and Drivers

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Be sure to download the BIOS update for the exact model of your computer or motherboard and not another one. Step 3. These might give you very important information about the updating procedure and what you should do and not do. If possible, try to update your BIOS while using a reliable source of electricity. If you're updating the BIOS for a laptop or another portable device, make sure that its battery is fully charged. If you're doing it on a desktop computer, use an uninterruptible power supply if you have one.

Drivers Updating motherboard

These precautions are necessary Updatijg only a small power fluctuation can corrupt the BIOS while it is being updated. That can lead to an unusable computer. If you're updating the BIOS from Windows, it is preferable that you disable any running antivirus or security suite, so that it doesn't block anything during the update process. Step 4.

If you are not utilizing a separate department, the problem card may be factored by installing the debenture dreadnoughts for your motherboard. Zambezi card drivers Updating or withholding the direction bonuses for a reliable card complete with the purchaser, license, and the whole of the broker card.

If such a feature is available, take advantage of it and backup your Updating motherboard drivers BIOS version before the upgrade. In case something goes wrong with the update, the backup may be a lifesaver. Try it out and Updating motherboard drivers it to backup the existing BIOS version. When updating your modem's firmware, verify you are using a firmware update designed for your modem. Updating the firmware with an incorrect version may cause the modem to no longer work. Firmware updates are usually also available through the modem drivers page.

Motherboard drivers, firmware, and updates Updating the computer motherboard or motherboard chipset drivers can help with the compatibility, reliability, and performance of the motherboard and the hardware Updating motherboard drivers in the computer. See the motherboard drivers page for a listing of links to motherboard chipset drivers as well as links too many of the motherboard manufacturers drivers pages. Network card drivers Updating or installing the latest drivers for a computer network card may help with the reliability of the network card in the computer. For a listing of computer network card drivers, see our network drivers index.

Some network card manufacturers may also have firmware updates. Firmware updates may resolve issues relating to the compatibility of the network card or resolve other hardware issues. Firmware updates should only be run if your network card or computer manufacturer recommends an update. These updates can also be found through the manufacturer's network drivers page. Printer drivers Updating or installing the latest drivers for a computer printer may help with the reliability and compatibility of the printer. If you find that you have problems with the chipset manufacturer's drivers, or that they only offer generic drivers with no extra features, your next stop should be the hardware manufacturer.

If you have a laptop, you'll want to go to your laptop manufacturer's site instead, e. Asus or Lenovo. Directly from Windows: Windows' generic drivers are usually the bare minimum of what you need for something to work. It isn't ideal for most things, but in some cases—like printers—that's exactly what you want. If you visit your printer's web site, they'll only offer you a driver that includes a bunch of software that may include other features, but not necessarily ones you'll use. Regular printing and scanning is already built right into Windows, and you don't need photo editors, cloud services, and other junk bloating up your machine.

So instead of getting drivers from the manufacturer, just get them right from Windows as described below. From the CD that came with your device: You'll almost never want to do this. These drivers are probably outdated by the time you get the computer up and running, so you should download the drivers from one of the above sources instead. You cannot upgrade from a bit version of Windows to a bit version of Windows. Similarly, you can only upgrade a bit version of Windows to a bit version of Windows. To install a bit version of Windows on a computer with a bit version, you must reinstall Windows. This deletes all the information on the hard drive. HP might not currently have software downloads available, depending on the situation: If your operating system is not listed, HP might not currently have software or driver downloads available for your product for that operating system, or the downloads are not available in the language you have chosen.

If you have installed an operating system other than Microsoft Windows, HP might not provide software or driver downloads for your operating system. If you have upgraded Windows, the downloads might not be available from HP yet. Review the following options if there are no downloads listed for your operating system: Drivers for some peripheral products cameras, printers, scanners, etc. Visit the HP Customer Support website again later to see if new downloads are available.

For Linux drivers, go to hplip. For FreeDOS, go to www. Motherbard only supports and provides drivers for operating systems for HP-branded, warranty-replaced, or factory-installed hardware that is shipped on or supported by the product. Find drivers posted on community sites. Notebook computers: Some Updating motherboard drivers, such as network, video, bus controller, a. Are you looking for a driver because an error message displays? Search HP motherboxrd the Internet using the exact error message. HP and its partners provide many support documents that provide known fixes for error messages.

Are you looking for a device driver because you updated Windows? You might not need a driver. Windows can find and install drivers through the plug and play process or through the Windows Update process. If Windows cannot fully recognize the name of the device, Windows lists the device as an Other device in Device Manager. If this is the case, use the following steps. Hardware devices video, sound, network cards, and similar that were not designed for plug and play might not work in a computer that is upgraded to a newer version of Windows. If this is the case, replace the hardware device with one that is compatible with your upgraded operating system.

Connect to the Internet if the computer is not already connected. Expand Other devices.

Right-click a name of Updatting of the unknown devices and select Update Driver Software. Follow the directions on the pages that open to install any available driver updates through Windows. The name should be removed from Other devices and added to the proper category. For example, a previously unknown network card is listed in the network adapters category. If any downloads were installed, test the device to see if it is now functioning properly. What is the difference between software, driver, and firmware? Review the following descriptions of the difference between software, drivers, and firmware: Instructs your computer how to do something, such as playing a game or movie, word processing, and home finance.

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