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As far as the dozen goes, shifts are a bit easier than I frustrating but there is not too much red involved which translates to a lot of down nu during the day and at communicating. Bis by Workawayer Meylitza for example Hey!!.

I highly recommend Taso and Mostar to everybody! I really enjoyed having him at our hostels. Many common topics and good laugh all the time. I can highly recommend him to other workaway hosts. I can only say great things about him. He stayed with us for few weeks and he was really serious regarding tasks in the hostel. Even that he is only 18 he is very mature and responsible for his age and i can only highly recommend him Getting laid in mostar a volunteer. I stayed more than a month with him and iI had a really good time. He's very dedicated to take care of the hostel, but always he knows to take a break to have fun and chill out with the guests and the volunteers.

He and his sister Edita are trying all the time that you have all that you need. The work … read more is not too much, just when the hostel is full, but even like that is not too hard, cause is not a big hostel and practically all the work you do it in the morning, after is just wait the new guests. The rest is be social and nice with the guests. I'm very thankful with Taso and Edita, I felt very comfortable during my stay and they helped me a lot for the rest of my trip. Taso, at this point, after this period in Mostar, I consider my friend. So wait me, see soon! Everything was always done as requested and that made my life and work really relaxed.

Im really thankful for the help she did for us and i can really highly recommended her. The work is easy and laid back, mostly just a bit of cleaning and interacting with the guests. Mostar itself is a great place to stay. Could not recommend these guys enough and I hope to return one day. We also hiked to the huge cross that stands guard over the city from the hill nearby, the Kriz na Humu.

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We had to walk along a shoulder-less, busy road and dodge cars as they zipped around the curves. The views from the top, however, were spectacular, with pretty views of the river, Stari Most, and all of Mostar laid out below. After having traveled rapidly throughout Italy and Croatia, we decided to relax and enjoy a leisurely pace in Mostar since we had found a hostel we loved. It operated more like a hotel, and with summer in full swing, the air conditioning was a nice luxury when the heat of they day soared to degrees. We would take a siesta in the late afternoons and enjoy the fast, free WiFi.

Here is a short panorama of Mostar from the hilltop cross: If a tourist successfully plunges, they are hailed into the club and can jump for free for the rest of their life. Even comedy duo Hamish and Andy took the leap in during their Gap Year television series. Two young men attempt to collect money from tourists interested in jumping off the Stari Most bridge in Mostar. New Zealander Andy Peat was just one who took the plunge last month. Both are why you should go to Mostar. Getting Around Mostar: Mostar is a very small, walkable city: The bridge is beautiful, as is the Neretva River below it. If you hang out long enough, you may be able to see one of the divers jump off of the 24m crest of the bridge into the cold river below—once they collect enough money from the surrounding tourists, of course.

Directly next to the Old Bridge is also a book shop that for 1 Euro will show you the videos of news reels that I mentioned above. Dear future hosts, I highly recommend Mey as an addition to your team!

This is the cleanest the hostel has been! Mey's chores included cleaning the reception and the rooms, and reception duties. Both of which she did efficiently! Apart from carrying out her duties as … read more a volunteer dillingently, Mey went out of her way to make guests comfortable. She has great people skills and got even the quietest guest to talk. She would use her free time to show guests around the town and make sure they found the best places to go to. I would suggest you get this girl on your staff because she is hardworking first one to wake up in the morningreliable and a pleasure to work with!

I hope to see Mey again someday! Maybe you can come back in 10 years when you have children? Mostzr we hope you come back sooner than that because you're part of the family now. I'm working on getting you that Bosnian passport we spoke about! He is very responsible and hard worker, made a big effort to help guests feel welcomed. Douglas was always smiling and willing to help, which made him a great person to have around. So grateful for his assistence and would definitely recommend him to other … read more hosts. Best wishes and good luck on your adventure! The hostel is really nice and has a very welcoming atmosphere.

I would include you get this laiid on your mortgage because she is very first one to maneuver up in the startingreliable and a working to work with. False, it was very careful for me to sell there because of the increasing we made.

Fedja, the owner, is a great host. A truly friendly Bosnian character with numerous fascinating stories. I stayed here for almost three weeks and had the chance to meet lots of great people, travellers and volunteers. The work is fine: Mostar is a great city with lots of history. I definitely recommend this place for every one. Thank you so much for the great time. The moment he arrived we felt he was part of our family. Excellent worker, taking on tasks with a desire to complete with thoroughness.

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