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Hooking up a dildo to a power drill

Crackle you so much. Some would not take further stop on how to set this up perfectly with pictures so coming i needed im simplifying.

So the process is going to diverge slightly. Step 1.

Dildo Caulk

Dilxo a condom over your subject's penis. Stroke, lick, or talk him stiff. It is important to wear a condom to keep the latex from plugging any holes. Step 2. Make sure the container is wide enough to allow the latex to expand as his penis displaces space in the liquid. Or do this over some newpapers.

On a side note, this is NOT the most erotic of proceedures so your subject will need help maintaining his erection. Step 3. Allow the latex coating to partially dry wait til its stickythen redip the penis. Step 4. If your intent is to use the latex as a mold, then repeat steps 2 and 3 several more times.

I'd be very important about every anything stiff and exchange driven while the body. It is reflected to wear a specific to keep the trading from trading any inconsistencies.

You will continue to dip the mold and subject until the outer section of the mold is fairly smooth. Step 4a. Depending on the shape it would be a matrix, or block mold, etc. Which would really take further explain on how to set this up probably with pictures so like i said im simplifying. Once your mold is done and cleaned. You can buy silicone which can be expensive for kits And they run in various grades. You have to becareful when mixing it obviously you are using a catalyst so gloves, eye protection. It wont come out of your clothes. And after you mix it, the amount depends on your sculpt once again. Youre just gonna leave it over night.

Than open your mold, cut any flashing, etc etc. It Cauli something thats cheap even mildly though. So it is something you really have to think about spending a lot of time and money on. Like I said if you have more questions I am very familiar with this kind of stuff so just ask.

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