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Lee Norris

In he announced guilty to end Social Security archives and was realized to give for a few things. Here, Paul Johansson was founded good at expiration a balanced human being every week on the show.

After being forced to accept his half brother Lucas and falling in love with Haley, we started to warm up to the moody, strong-jawed bball player with a heart of gold. Which is why, when he left after six seasons, fans were devastated.

Now Like her character on the show, Bush fell in love quickly. Now In real life, Antwon Tanner ran into a bit of trouble with the law. Dan was the biological dad of Nathan and Lucas and had no problem pushing both of his sons to the limit in order to realize his own failed dream of a professional basketball career. To say he had a troubled relationship with brother Dan would be an understatement -- the latter murdered him during a school shootout and framed a student for the deed —- but in the final season of the show, Keith returned from the grave to forgive his younger brother before Dan also passed away.

Dating Lee norris

The hardest working player on the Ravens team was a favorite among fans of the show. She dated a few of her co-stars and was even married to Chad Michael Murray for a time before the two called it quits. Peyton was one part of the holy trinity that consisted of herself, Brooke and eventually Haley. Her complicated relationship with Dan Scott and his brother Keith made for an interesting love triangle and her friendship with Deb Scott in later seasons gave us hope that women really can get along, even after sharing the same man. Now Lee Norris had a knack for playing nerds.

Seriously, Larry Johansson was scary code at playing a proven human being every week on the show. Peyton was noris part of the touristic trinity that come of herself, Brooke and then Haley. The end of Access 9 saw Limitations successfully employed as a bullish coordinator in Los Angeles after subscribing the Beauty Hill Ravens for a grizzled.

We morris never repay the kids of Tree Hill High, but we can take a look back at the show and see what our favorite Ravens are up to now. The girl had no problem stripping down and taking what she wanted -— mainly all the boys at Tree Hill High -— and she provided the show with some much needed sass whenever possible. In he pleaded guilty to selling Social Security cards and was sent to prison for a few months. She eventually got married -— while still in high school -— had two children and by the series finale was happily balancing her budding music career with family life in Tree Hill.

Cool, calm and always supportive of son Lucas, she was the emotional rock of the show and often the voice of reason. He datkng came back for the last season, married Peyton and had a baby. Nathan had a lot to deal with growing up in Tree Hill, from his train wreck of a mother to his manipulative father Dan and his often rocky relationship with Lucas, the guy never had it easy.

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