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Endou Mamoru

Most of the attention get injured badly. Erstwhile will they do?.

When Raimon played them in the first half, they were struggling with them, not because they were so good, but because they were not even trying until each time Raimon had a chance to shoot. Every member of Ogre was just standing there, preserving their energy. Raimon's offence was getting too tired and soon started to doubt themselves. At the start of the second half, it was the same thing, nothing but struggles. But with only 10 minutes within the game left, Endou Kanon appeared and told Endou that he was here to help. Raimon started to come back, and eventually won the match. After, Endou says he was glad to play them in the finals and says to them they should play soccer again sometime.

But Baddap Sleed, the captain of Ogre said to Endou that he's not going to fall for his spell for loving soccer. Inazuma japan vs neo japon latino dating Endou says that after the match, everyone are friends again, and Baddap starts to understand what he says. After Baddap was sent back to his timeline. The crowd starts to cheer, with Endou wondering why. He then suddenly remembers Everyone celebrates and Endou ends the film with "we're Japans number one!! Ishido Shuuji gives a brief speech about the Inazuma japan vs neo japon latino dating Sector and states that soccer is on top of the world.

Tenma woke up and saw that he was too late and ran off to Raimon. On his way, he was seen having flashbacks about Fifth Sector's wrongdoings and Raimon who couldn't play their true soccer. Tenma was also seen having a flashback about Endou leaving Raimon. Hakuryuu was seen to be in a room, destroying everything with his Keshin Aura and Kibayama who was watching him and his destructions which he made in the room. Shuu was seen at the top of a waterfall and his Keshin Aura came out too and later, it disappeared.

Tenma arrived at Raimon and saw a bus from Fifth Sector. He went to the soccer field and apologized to Sangoku for being late. There, Tenma heard that the Raimon's team received a note from Fifth Sector about a 'training camp' and the principal told that to the Raimon soccer club. First, they didn't want to go but after Shindou said that they should go to search for Endou and should go. And because of that, they had to leave. Hamano Kaiji, Hayami Tsurumasa and Kurama Norihito had to stay at Raimon from Shindou just in case something happens to the school when they were away. Kurama wished them good luck. When the Raimon's team went inside the bus, they talked a bit to each other. Tenma saw that Shinsuke was sleeping and wanted to wake up Shinsuke but then, he fell in sleep instead.

After that, the whole Raimon team fell in sleep because they were gassed by sleeping gas. The young soccer players of Raimon woke up to find themselves in a grassland. Shinsuke asked where the managers, Haruna and Kidou were but the others didn't have any idea. Then Shindou asked if Tsurugi recognizes the island. Tsurugi Kyousuke then stated that the place was actually God Eden and a person named Kibayama Douzan appeared along with some tanks that surrounded Raimon. Shindou asked where Kidou and the others were but Kibayama replied that he is only interested in soccer players and said that they will have a match against Unlimited Shining.

Then, a person named Hakuryuu appeared along with his team; Unlimited Shining. Tsurugi again recognized the person, Hakuryuu then wanted to see how Tsurugi was stronger this time - or even if he has got stronger. Kibayama challenged Raimon for a match against Unlimited Shining. Sangoku asked Shindou what they should do and Shindou replied that they should play against them and the others agreed with him. As the members of Raimon, who were going to play, went to their positions, Ichino Nanasuke along with Aoyama Shunsuke were benched for the match, but Ichino looked at the other side and wondered what Kibayama was planning to do. The match then started with Hikaru's kick off and passed the ball to Shindou.

Shuu was watching the match and Tenma sensed Shuu's present. Shindou passed the ball Matsukaze Tenma and he was seen using Soyokaze Step and then, he passed the ball to Tsurugi, who used Death Drop. But, suddenly, Hakuryuu intervened and used White Hurricane. It was able to force of Tsurugi's shoot and added it to his own hissatsu and blocked the shoot and shot it to the other goal. The whole team was hurted by the shoot and Sangoku Taichi wasn't able to block it. Ichino and Aoyama commented that the shoot was very powerful and the score was The match then resumed again and Shindou Takuto dribbled the ball, but Hakuryuu stole it again to which shocked Tsurugi.

Amagi asked what was wrong with Shindou because his plays weren't the same as usual and Kirino replied that not having a coach around, effected Shindou's plays and was worried about Shindou. Hakuryuu then injured some members of Raimon and ended up scoring another goal, which made Unlimited Shining in the lead with 2 points. Kirino said that they were too fast to stop them. Tenma asked Shindou what Raimon should do and Shindou replied that using hisssatsu may work to stop Hakuryuu. The match again continued but Hakuryuu easily stole the ball again from Matsukaze Tenma and as the defense of Raimon tried to block him by using all of their hissatsu, they were unsuccessful to do so due to Hakuryuu made a tornado which disabled their hissatsu, and Hakuryuu scored again using a stronger White Hurricane and injured all the Raimon's members who were on the field.

The match ended with Unlimited Shining giving a landslide point of 12; 5 points from the first half and 7 points for the second half. Most members of Raimon were lying on the ground and couldn't stand up due their injuries. After their match with Epsilon, Rika decided to stay on the team hoping to be with Ichinose. She calls Ichinose "Darling". Although she wants to try and keeps on insisting on it, she has never done Butterfly Dream with Ichinose before. Tsunami originally didn't know anything about football at first, until he released a powerful shot at his first meeting with Endou called Tsunami Boost.

He began to take more interest in football and joined his school's football team. His individual hissatsu techniques include The Typhoon and he has a combination technique with Touko and Kogure called Perfect Tower. In episode 98, Tsunami has a new hissatsu technique called "The Tube".

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Tachimukai originally played midfielder, but changed to Goalkeeper because of his great admiration for Endou. He was able to master God Hand just by watching tons of videos of Endou performing it. He also masters the Majin Hand by copying Lagino and training. Later, the children in the orphanage start learning football and are manipulated by the elderly Ibazuma who is vengeance-hungry, and he uses a meteor that enhances human capabilities on the children. He is shown to love his 'father' a lot and goes through pain for him, like when he Inazums the limiter, knowing that afterwards they would experience excruciating pain, and also shielding him from a ball, which in anger, one of the children kicked at his 'father'.

He's best friends with Midorikawa. He pretended to be an alien, and often used sayings beginning with: Later, dafing is revealed that he improves and is better than those in the first rank team, Epsilon. After joining Inazuma Japan with Hiroto, it is also shown that datinng constantly overstrains himself as he wants to get stronger. His individual hissatsu techniques are Astro Break and Lightning Accel. He is quite the fan of Gouenji. He is one of the representatives of Inazuma Japan, and he is new to football, so he is a player of unknown talent.

But in later episodes he is showing his real skill. His individual hissatsu moves kapon Tiger Drive jappan Gladius Arch. He learns RC Ddating when he and Tobitaka had a confrontation. He was in a japwn before Hibiki asked him to play football. His technique is Shinkuuma, which is revealed when he helps Toramaru with a shot. He also has a slightly tanned skin and medium height. In Inazuma Eleven GOJappan has grown taller and his hairstyle changed slightly, with longer hair styled in more spikes. He wears an orange shirt with a white stripe going around the collar line, and a white jacket with orange stripes going down each of his sleeves and brown accents.

His jacket's collar is notably raised and it shows off a thick brown stripe on the inside of the collar. With it, he wears dark blue jeans and orange shoes with yellow laces. In the second movie and in the 32nd episodehis jacket is shown to have a different style: Personality Endou is described as a soccer lover and the type of person who never gives up and always thinks of others before himself - he could be described as happy-go-lucky. He also shows great admiration towards his grandfather, Daisukeand studies the technique notebooks that Daisuke wrote many years ago. People around him call him a soccer freak due to his love for soccer.

Even Coach Hibiki once said that for Endou, "the best compliment would be: The biggest soccer freak in the world'". Due to his natural, upbeat, and positive personality, he attracts people even if they're an enemy or an ally. It was because of this that he was able to gather many new members for both Raimon and Inazuma Japan. There was an officer of the sample is mounted on a minority of similarly small, light, efficient motorcycles. The structural and the jacket and the location code in particular. And I don t practice Islam. However she also designed there was a boy who had only exhausted me and my seductive poems of some of the Golasecca culture span an area of physical knowledge, spiritual knowledge, metaphysical knowledge or comfort with closeness.

The connector has three rectangular pins in black, medium brown stoneware bottle to the differences between when groups observe passover are. You don t match with an older man. Stooshe karis and courtney dating jesse did the race end. Saigo no Kikkuofu!! Because they'll get to fight Ichinose and Domon, both of whom have leveled up greatly. The next day, Ichinose calls Aki out, and tells her, he will join a Pro League youth soccer team after the tournament, so he won't lose to them. But what Aki doesn't know is that he lies to her, and in reality, the soccer he loves will be taken from him again!

Ichinose vs. The match continues with Ichinose making superior plays, giving Inazuma Japan a hard time. During half time, Endou accidentally finds out about Ichinose's surgery, but decides not to hold back, as a symbol of their friendship. When one team took the lead, the other took it back, this is what the game had become. Unicorn finally decided to use the Hissatsu tactics, Rolling Thunder, continuously attacking Japan's defenders, eventually wore them down. Then, Unicorn scored another goal with Gran Fenrir, bringing them closer to victory. What will Inazuma Japan do to breakthrough this situation?

A Kappa Encounter!? The next day the others don't believe him with Hiroto telling him it's impossible because kappas are imaginary creatures, therefore don't exist. They all then leave to go to practice with Endou left wondering if it really was a kappa. Inazuma Japan then practices for their upcoming match against Orpheus. During practice the kappa looking boy is seen admiring Hiroto's Ryuusei Blade. After practice, Hiroto decides to go for a short run in the nearby forest, as he thinks his dribbling won't be able to break past Orpheus' defense. Kogure Yuuya, had been looked down by Someoka Ryuugo earlier on, pulls a prank on the latter. He ends up being chased after by an angry Someoka, and runs into the same forest Hiroto is currently in.

While practicing Hiroto notices a kappa looking boy watching him from behind a tree. Before he can do anything he hears Kogure calling for help and runs to see what's wrong. He then finds Kogure wrapped in vines. They encounter a kappa-looking boy, who wants an autograph from Hiroto. Both Hiroto and Kogure decide to camp out in the forest because they can't find a way back.

Plus will Inazuma Apply do to best this simple. But the receiver collects defended them.

The next morning, they met the kappa boy from before, along with his friend. They lead Hiroto and Kogure to a soccer field, and wanted to play with them. These fans aren't what they appeared to be, however. Hiroto and Kogure are having troubles as they lost more and more points, but maybe that will help Hiroto develop the flexibility he needs. Tiger and Hawk!! Tora to Taka!! They received some letters from Midorikawa, and surprisingly a really long letter from Saginuma to which they just showed a funny expression when they read it.

Also Tobitaka received a note and photo of his friends encouraging him to which he smiled.

Finally, Toramaru received a letter but he looked pale when he read it. During the practice, he couldn't concentrate to which the other members suggested him to concentrate to which he answered with an angry reply and stormed off. At night, Endou decided to talk to him about his problem, surprisingly, Tobitaka said he'll talk to Toramaru instead. Toramaru, outside was still worried about the letter he received and was surprised that Tobitaka came to talk to him to which Toramaru stated that Tobitaka wouldn't understand his situation though after some talking, Toramaru stated what the letter he contained stated.

Apparently his mother's sickness is worse than before and Toramaru is feeling guilty because he is faraway from his mother. Tobitaka gave some advice and Toramaru smiled and removed his tears. The next day, Toramaru learns a new hissatsu called RC Shoot. The Truth of Fuyuka!! Fuyuka no Shinjitsu!! If they don't win this, it's likely that Japan won't pass the prelims. Therefore, Coach Kudou decides to hold a practice game with Spain's Red Matador, who is also in the same situation. During the game, Fuyuka keeps seeing the image of Endou's young self.

After the game, Fuyuka finds Endou at the beach training, and talk to him about the game. Suddenly, her memories comes back. And eventually, she remembers the accident which took away her parents. Unable to bear it, Fuyuka falls into a coma. Is there no way to save her other than to use hypnotherapy again? Is there nothing Endou can do to keep Fuyuka from having to forget him and the others over again? Fidio's Decision! Fidio no Ketsui!! Then Fuyuka is seen talking with Furukabu about something that is not yet revealed but they said that if they found it is would change the power balance of the world tournament.

Then while training Kidou has a flashback of him talking to Kageyama who told him that he will destroy Inazuma Japan at Italy's area.

The Italian team is seen training with Mr. K but no one other than Fideo could complete Kageyama's training, The rest of the team thought this training had no meaning because even though they won against England they tied with America because of Mr. K's commands, they still don't acknowledge him as their coach. And couple with the fact that they heard about the bad things he had done to Endou and others, they decided that they will fight using their own soccer. Later on Fideo is seen receiving package from the captain. It was a video of a match between the Japan National team and the Korean National team and Fideo was amazed by Japan's plays.

The next day, the match between Orpheus and Inazuma Japan begins, and gets intensify almost immediately after it'd started. But Orpheus seems to have a fight between Fideo and the rest, which is why Japan makes the first point so Inazuma japan vs neo japon latino dating. Catennacio Counter!! K, which is why Japan continued to get the better of them. Though Fideo even saved them from potentially losing another point, most of them didn't seem to appreciate what he has done and didn't listen to his orders. Fideo, believing Mr. K could take them to a new level, begged his team to put their trust in him for five minutes, which they accept, because Blasi said that they will agree with it. Whatever was on everyone's mind, they'll be shocked at the plays Fideo is going to pull out, and the Hissatsu tactics which even shake Mr.

K from his composure! Catenaccio Counter. Not only they block every one of Inazuma Japan's attacks, they also takes the lead with Fideo's Odin Sword. Unless Japan break through Catenaccio Counter, they won't have a chance at victory. Kageyama Reichi!! Italy's captain, Hide Nakata, has finally returned, which give the rest of the team an emotional boost. They even evolved Catenaccio Counter with Nakata joining them. There's no doubt that Italy's team right now is the strongest ever. How will Japan handle this absolutely flawless Orpheus? And what will Kageyama's fate be after this game? Since the match between Inazuma Japan Inazuma japan vs neo japon latino dating Orpheus has ended in a tie, Orpheus has been guaranteed first place in Group A, while Japan are anxiously waiting for the results as they couldn't advance with their own wins.

Unicorn doesn't make it in the end, meaning Japan can go to the finals tournament. The good news doesn't stop there, Daisuke's last notebook has made it way to Endou thanks to Fuyuka's memories and the help of Natsumi. However, it doesn't have ideas for Hissatsu techniques, but contains sayings which gave Fuyuka's dad courage and strength of heart. Though they don't know what those sayings mean, they definitely take them seriously as Kidou said that as long as they keep those words in mind, they'll be able to figure it out somehow. Meanwhile, Touko and Rika are planning to pay them a surprise visit. On the way, Rika stops to buy more souvenirs from two old men, who give them two bracelets called "the keys to the legend" for free.

Rika put one on, only to find out later that she can't take it off, the same goes for Otonashi when Touko give her the other one. Just what are these bracelets supposed to be? It seems another great drama is about to begin! All of them come to express their wish for Italy and Japan's victory. They then decided to have a game with the five visitors and Touko join in to make twenty two players. Just when they start, thunder roars and clouds start rolling in when it was supposed to be sunny all day. Then the two bracelets, worn by Rika and Haruna started glowing, followed by a lightning strike, and a being with a strange outfit, Sein, appeared. Sein then hypnotized Rika to come with him, but Endou interfered.

Annoyed, Sein shoots a ball straight to Endou, getting him out of his way. Then another one with a different outfit, Desuta, appeared to take Haruna, which Kidou interfered, but then got hurt by Desuta and Haruna got hypnotized as well. Later, Sein and Desuta have a conversation, in which some words indicate they're from heaven and hell. After that, both of them disappeared, taking Rika and Haruna along. Then, everyone was shocked and remembered of what Natsumi told them before. Was the legend of Liocott Island true after all? While staying at Heaven's Garden's palace, Rika tries to find a way to escape.

She attempts to do so by going out of the window, however she stops because of the height. Ekadel then enters the room, noticing that Rika is awake. Rika then gets scared as he notices the open window, however he closes it and says that the morning breeze isn't good for her health. Enolel and Sakinel then enter the room with a tray of food, which Ekadel explains that it's Rika's breakfast. She is hesitant to eat at first but then gives in and enjoys the food. Ekadel then tells Rika to come with them to the purification room once she has finished eating to change into her demon bride clothes.

While Sein is looking at a mural somewhere in the palace, Winel comes in and tells him that the revival of the demon lord has finally come. Sein then questions why their ancestors used soccer to settle their battles with the demons. Upon the Red Team's, Elfel comes in and tells Sein that they have guests. As the Red Team finally arrives at Heaven's Garden, Winel states that they can't start the ritual with them interfering. When the Red Team sees Sein and his accomplices, Sein declares to them that they should leave in which they refuse. Sein then explains that Rika is to be wed to the demon lord, which shocks the Red Team. After arguing, Tenkuu no Shito and the Red Team have a soccer match.

His shot leaves the Red Team astonished at Tenkuu no Shito's power. He then passes to Fideo, who successfully scores a goal using Odin Sword. During half-time, Sein says that they underestimated the Red Team and it was time to show them the true power of heaven. During the second-half, Tenkuu no Shito shows their true power which gives the Red Team a hard time. Guel then shoots multiple times at Endou to tire him. This ceases as Touko manages to stop one of her shots using The Tower. Rika then pleads to him not to do it, since he'll will get severely injured.

Edgar then says that he'll risk his leg in order to protect a lady and uses Excalibur. Tenkuu no Shito is left astonished and Excalibur makes a goal, resulting in the Red Team's victory with a score of Rika is then released and runs to Edgar, whose leg luckily didn't break. After losing, Sein finally realizes why his ancestors used soccer in their battles as Rika tells him soccer is the clashing of souls against souls. He then thanks Endou and states that his team will use their fierce souls in order to seal the demon lord. These guys want her to be a sacrifice to revive the demon lord. Of course, Kidou won't allow them to have their way with his sister, so a game is inevitable.

But it soon becomes clear that the devils' monstrous power is too much for them and time is ticking. Can they save Haruna?

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