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George Lopez To Host Fox’s Dating Reality Series ‘Take Me Out’

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In Maythe series was added to TV Land 's line-up. I shared all of that with America — every secret I had Lopez explained that he "took the five years of good, and I did a lot with the good. Conception[ edit ] Comedian George Lopez had been performing standup throughout the early s, expressing interest in having his own comedy television show like Seinfeld.

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On September 2,George Lopez announced through his Instagram that there are talks to bringing the show back on the air, but nothing has been llpez. On ION Televisionthe show premiered on the network's Sunday marathon starting on October 2, but then, was later pulled off their schedule. Music[ edit ] The show's theme song is " Low Rider ", performed by War. Broadcast and syndication[ edit ] The show entered syndication one month after the series finale on ABCand is distributed by Warner Bros. Television Distribution.

To this date, it continues to be their highest rated series and one of cable's best for an off-network sitcom. The show's theme song "Low Rider" is intact in these releases. During the show's fifth season, Aimee Garcia was cast as George's niece, Veronica. On MTV Tr3sthe show premiered on the network's redebut July 12, and reruns are being shown there. My popularity, I was involved in charities, I overcame my illness, all on TV.

Many markets also moved the show from overnight timeslots to more desirable ones. And what happens? Every emotion. Never a major hit in primetime, the show became an unexpected success in syndication.

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It first aired on Nick lkpez Nite on September 10, — it was the most current non-original show to air on Nick at Nite [14] until it was announced that Everybody Hates Chris would join the lineup, followed by The Goldbergs and Mom. The theme plays in the opening credits and was present when the show aired on ABC as well as syndication, but was replaced in the DVD releases of all seasons except 1 episode due to licensing costs. Lopez said that ABC "dealt with us from the bottom of the deck" and that it was "hard to take after what was a good run.

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