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Lyndie Irons’ New Boyfriend Pat Tenore

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She loved spending time datiny him, playing golf, shopping and enjoying life. They were, quite simply, love on tour. But all that came to an abrupt end with the sudden demise of the Andy Irons yesterday. Theirs is a love story made in heaven. They first met in Fiji about Lyndir years ago, but both were in relationships at the time. They irns see rating other a few times a year until they ran into each other in Encinitas, San Diego where Lyndie was Lnydie. It was so romantic and perfect! Joli You said at the Gold Coast event that the movie had already had a positive impact on people.

That must be very gratifying for you and the Irons family? The absolute best! I lived there for a good portion of time and I have a really tight group of friends there. So it was a very emotional showing to say the least. Can you tell us a little more about the Andy Irons Foundation you have set up? What does it stand for and what are you hoping to achieve through it? Our mission is to celebrate the legacy of the surfing legend Andy Irons through vital and innovative programs that alleviate mental illness, substance abuse and learning disabilities among our youth… creating healthy, uplifted and supportive communities.

What kind of programmes will you be initiating through the foundation? We have so many projects in the works that I will be able to share really soon! How can people support or help the foundation? Please go to www.

Billabong continue to produce limited AI Forever product… will this ions a source of income for the foundation datng forward? They Lynrie a wonderful company that I can truly call family and I have been a part of the Bong family for 16 solid years. I would love to be able to work with them in the future with AIF for sure. To reach out and know that you are not alone and that there is help. There is so much shame associated with those 2 subjects and my goal with the datijg is to lift that stigma off and normalize it so that people are not scared to ask for help. How has it been having Pat by your side to walk through this project? I honestly not sure how I got so lucky to have Pat come into my life.

We started dating while making the film and he has only been so darn supportive and an absolute rock. No one wishes what happened to Andy and your family on anyone, but for you now, and particularly for Axel, there must be great comfort in knowing what the next chapter of your lives looks like? This one made me tear up. Axel is so lucky to have Pat as a positive role model in his life and our next chapter is looking pretty sweet. Straight up. I think back and my life with him was like a movie. It was unbelievable. He got dealt these cards and he was just trying to figure out life the best he could.

He had a lot of ups and downs but it came along with who he was. I think back now and wonder how I had the energy to keep up with him. He lived every minute to its fullness. He really squeezed everything he could out of every day and it was game on the second he woke up. It was crazy, but I loved every minute of it and I wish I could… still have it. Talk to me about how the movie Blue Horizon affected him. It played on him for years. It really did. For many year after it came out, he was really, really hurt and unhappy with it. I thought it was a really beautiful video. It was his video but he thought it made it seem that Kelly was the good guy and he was the bad guy; that Kelly was the white horse and he was the dark horse.

He wanted to be the happy, good guy. It affected him for many, many years afterwards.

Dating Lyndie irons

I saw Blue Horizon! But Andy never wanted to play up that side of himself. He really wanted to be the happy, loving guy, which he was, but he came with a little bit of… Graphic honesty? He was so honest it was crazy. He was who he was. Every interview, maybe because he was my husband, I listened to every word that came out of his mouth because he was so funny… so real… I think a lot of people felt that way.

He was so interesting. With Andy, daitng was either really excited or really upset. He told me loved me after a week! It was on from the second we were together. Even Bruce. But, Andy was… so amazing… so full of life and love and happiness he could make anybody laugh and get along with anybody, a five-year-old kid, a year-old woman. He had so much charisma, and he was so witty, he was just perfect. In a weird way, I really think that he knows. Sometimes when I look at him I see so much Andy it freaks me out for a minute. I mean, for one, he was a dynamic motherfucker! Rare laughter! So sweet! He just wanted everybody to like him and to love his surfing.

He became so doubtful about that.

He close had tracked, Lynide dreams even though he approached so helpful and peaceful when he had. I mean, for one, he was a key motherfucker!.

He cared so much. I guess everybody cares in a way. He loved that in that people, fans, were finally cheering for him.

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