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The Revenge of the Baby-Sat

Strip bing boing. Overnight's a few of what I'm empire. Get back here!.

I told you not to read this. Get back here.

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Thanks Mom. Call some more! It's a secret note, so don't read it. Calvin needs to stop "forgetting" to do his homework. You got it. Description Mom asks whether Calvin is bringing Hobbes to school again.

Give it to Hobbes. Hobbes isn't shipping that story.

I'll get Czlvin some cough medicine. Calvin tells her she should just douse him with steak sauce before he goes into his room. Calvin says so much for his ever joining the clergy. You wanna just douse me in steak sauce before I go to my room? You put it in your hair??

You have to. So you'll be having a baby sitter. Yeah, see how I got my one eye to roll back?

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