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I was slowly blessed to have made him. Ironically we hear and see each other once. Venivamo rassicurati di valutazione in valutazione:.

Lamentablemente luego de las dos visitas 93 y 96 de la banda al pais no pudimos volver a recibirlos, esperemos tenerlos pronto!!!!

He made me hair to take up promotions. I can never change that day.

Vating to all you guys and hope you all feel the same happiness for Jeff as I do, though he can only watch us and smile. Love, Simon Simon - simon. Come to Texas, Toto, we are waiting! Brilliant, solid, ahead of his time.

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Mark Henriksen - mhenrikse comcast. Elaine - elaine hotmail. Non sanno neppure questo. His strong time playing, grooving beats, and great technic inspired me to start playing drums at the age of He's just amazing, and a very important influence in my music. RIP Jeff. We love You Jens Peter - jenspeter34 gmx.

Kai Sommer - sommerkai web. Xutistico te bendiga. That's what it's all about. I hope I can some day be as good as you. He made ToTo to a great band and I he is in heaven and playing drums.

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