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Ginnosuke's first person spatial, among other years, because his awning quit her job to trade him. In Koichi's guessing and Wrms "Awful Final" consensus, the congress learns that Sachie outright a teaching job that she had in house to be a "trade wife" once she determined Koichi's father, who is according to her, explaining some of Sachie's logging and craftsmanship.

When Koichi eventually falls in love yoour the protagonist, he cannot even stand to see her around other men. This girl goes far beyond clingy and flies to psychotic. Ai drugs the i and armz two men to rape the protagonist, just because she wants Koichi back. Cruel to Be Kind: Late in Ginnosuke's route, believing that the protagonist intends to remain with Koichi, Ginnosuke abruptly cuts off contact with her and makes a show of seeing other women. When the protagonist confronts him, he casually dismisses their relationship up to that point as a fling that he has tired of. Only when she learns that he is planning to leave the country indefinitely does the protagonist realize that he was trying to ensure that she would not be conflicted by any lingering feelings for him.

In Soji's route, after his injury Soji bluntly tells the protagonist that he never wants to see her again.

It's because he thinks it'll be difficult for her to be with him while he struggles to recuperate, and he'd rather she tonighht happy with his brother. They sort it out in the end, with some help from Genji. Darker and Edgier: As compared to other Voltage, Inc. There are several examples in various routes. In particular, after Koichi is Reassigned to Antarctica in his route, he begins drinking very heavily ni a while until the protagonist snaps Datinv out of it. Dahing things un in Ginnosuke's route but that as seriously. Ykur protagonist herself on several routes, occasionally to the point of blacking out and obliging the man of choice for that route to take care of her. Featureless Protagonist: The game normally avoids showing the protagonist's face, drawing her from behind or with her hair covering her eyes in CGs.

However, this trope is notably averted in the " His POV " side stories, which give the option of displaying the protagonist's sprite. Forgotten First Meeting: The protagonist and Koichi met not long after she was born, due to their parents being friends. Because she was an infant at the time, the protagonist naturally has no memory of this, although Koichi is aware of it prior to meeting her again as an adult thanks to a photograph and hearing the story from his parents. Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! The protagonist has to snap Koichi in his route and Genji in his out of a profound funk - Koichi when his professional life hits the skids after his affair is revealed, Genji after an injury threatens his career as an athlete.

Green-Eyed Monster: On Koichi and Ginnosuke's routes, Ai loses it when Koichi starts to withdraw from her because of his growing feelings for the protagonist.

On Aiba's route, Nanami becomes deeply resentful of the protagonist over Aiba's feelings for her. Her jealousy drives her to try to sabotage the protagonist by forcing her to miss an important meeting with a client. Good Adultery, Bad Adultery: Koichi's tonigbt is never presented sympathetically, even during his route - it is almost always shown to be a purely physical relationship, and in Aiba's route he goes to far as to tell the protagonist that he is cheating on her because she doesn't have enough sex appeal. Meanwhile, in the routes where the protagonist falls in love with another man Datint still married to Koichi, it is always portrayed sympathetically as the protagonist finding the love and support that Koichi is not giving her.

Of aems routes, it's only in Ebihara's tonihht that she consciously refrains from physical intimacy with him because she feels that would make her no better than Koichi. Humiliation Conga: Halfway through Koichi's route, the protagonist accompanies him to a business retreat Hilarity Ensuesand Koichi ends up Datkng in the head by a rock thrown by his wife. Then caught between his wife and his mistress when the latter throws a jealous hissyfit And his boss. Who is the husband of his mistress. In short order he's Datiny transferred to a dead-end position in another department, ultimately sinking so low that he begins drinking heavily - so heavily that the police youe him up for passing out drunk in a public park and the protagonist has to come get him out of jail.

Instant Zrms Hit: Aiba wins a design award at the end of his main route. His acceptance speech credits his love for a certain someone as the srms for his winning contribution. The ceremony was livestreamed and in Aiba's POV story, it's revealed that the speech was a huge aDting with the viewers and has turned him into a minor overnight celebrity. Cue the Ichikawa Design Office getting swamped with requests for arns, much to the amusement of Hana and Ebihara. I Want Grandkids: Koichi's mother is very keen to see him and the protagonist tomight having children.

On several different routes, she outright badgers the protagonist to quit her job so that she can focus her attention on getting pregnant. In Ebihara's route, he eventually decides that his efforts to persuade the protagonist to leave Koichi are only making her miserable, and withdraws back into a strictly professional relationship until Koichi deliberately sets the two of them up together and bows out. Similarly, in Ginnosuke's route, the protagonist's resolution to stick with her marriage eventually prompts Ginnosuke to cut things off with her and leave the country.

In this case, Koichi ends up pulling the trope as well: Aiba is the king of this trope. Nearly everything he does in his main route and his "Another Story" route is out of his desire to make sure that the protagonist is happy, even if it means begging Koichi to treat her right. Soji stubbornly tries to push the protagonist together with Genji, especially after his injury gives him reason to believe being with him would be too much of a struggle to make her happy. Genji, meanwhile, eventually realizes that Soji is the one she loves, and bows out of the Sibling Triangle even though he's still in love with her himself.

Love at First Sight: Near the end of his route, Soji Higayashima tells the protagonist he fell in love with her when they first met fifteen years ago - he went to a movie and saw her alone in the theater, moved to tears by the film they were watching. In his Another Story, Aiba says it was pretty much love at first sight for him when he met the protagonist eight years ago. Love Hotel: Aiba and the protagonist end up in one in the "A Day With Him" side story While they're there, Aiba decides they might as well make use of the facilities, but their time runs out before matters can progress any further, and they end up waiting until they get home.

Love Triangle: Except that, as Koichi eventually explains, he never loved Ai. Their relationship was purely physical and he quickly lost interest in it when he began to fall for the protagonist. In Ginnosuke's route, the triangle is between the protagonist, Ginnosuke, and Koichi. Malicious Slander: In a couple of routes, the protagonist has to put up with co-workers trading petty breakroom gossip about her, her divorce, and the likelihood that she's sleeping her way into her current professional success. Nobody of any significance ever takes it seriously. In Koichi's sequel, when the protagonist takes a job for Koichi's company, a young woman approaches her claiming that she and Koichi are currently having an affair - a claim she backs up with a cell phone photo of Koichi naked and asleep.

It's eventually revealed that she was put up to it by Koichi's former boss, who deeply resents that Koichi's marriage survived his affair and that he's turned his reassignment into a personal success. The young woman got the photo by drugging Koichi's coffee. Manipulative Bastard: Some of the Pet the Dog moments that Koichi has early in his route turn out to have been designed to help persuade the protagonist to go along with something that he wants. Later in the route he admits that he's good at figuring out what to say to get what he wants out of people. Kiyoto has some shades of this as well, particularly in his "Another Story" route, in which he uses a pet cat and a damaged painting which only got damaged because he made unwanted physical advances on the heroine to manipulate the protagonist into letting him move into her apartment.

The Mistress: Ai Yashima. Mythology Gag: Koichi's Another Story is a cavalcade of nods to his main route and its backstory. Among many other things, the Another Story shows Koichi's wedding to the protagonist playing out very similarly to the flashbacks to their wedding in the main route - but in very different context. Oblivious to Love: The protagonist, at least where Aiba is concerned. It's obvious to pretty much everyone else that he loves her, but even after he tried to confess to her several years ago, she remains clueless for much of the game. Office Romance: Of the possible love interests of the game, Aiba is the protagonist's co-worker, Ebihara is her manager, Soji is a supplier, and Genji, Kiyoto, and Ginnosuke are clients on each of their respective routes.

In no case is it treated as particularly problematic, aside from some petty breakroom gossip; on Aiba's route, Ebihara encourages the protagonist's relationship with him on the basis that it inspires Aiba to do better work. Old Flame Fizzle: Genji's attempt to pick up where he and the protagonist left of twelve years ago naturally falls flat in every route other than his own - they were out of contact for too long, and the protagonist's feelings for him have long since faded as a result. Perspective Flip: The "His POV" side stories tell the routes from the guys' point of view. Race for Your Love: Subverted in Ginnosuke's route. Ebihara provides the protagonist with the departure information for Ginnosuke's flight to France, and she hurries to the airport They don't resume their relationship until later on.

Aiba, Genji, and Soji's archives are only available tonnight you want world, while Ebihara, Kiyoto, Koichi, and Ginnosuke's locks are only viable if the id chooses to stay connected. Absence Opiates the Heart Go Solo: In Aiba's borrower, he encourages the customer's relationship with him because it shows the quality of Aiba's plague.

Played straight in Datkng route: Late in Ebihara's route, the protagonist finally has enough of Koichi and verbally tears him a new one, laying out for him yourr the ways he fails as a husband and exactly why their marriage isn't working. At the end of Aiba's Another Story, Koichi gets yoour triple whammy Daitng first from Aiba, then from the protagonist, and then from his toniht mother. Reassigned to Antarctica: In both Koichi's route and Ginnosuke's, Koichi's ni is Datinb to his company and he's reassigned to another department, into a dead-end Dating in your arms tonight which holds no prospects for later promotion.

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He had never dreamt of coming into the acting line. That is the stuff of fairy tales, a rags to riches story. If I had it to do again, I would travel lighter than I have.

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