Physical dating violence perpetration

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Teen Dating Violence Victimization in an Urban Sample of Early Adolescents

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August 28, Image Caption. Regarding trajectories across middle school, perpetrayion with higher initial levels of dating violence victimization and perpetration tended to show decreases over time, whereas youth with lower initial levels showed increases over time. In contrast, girls tended to show an increase in victimization and perpetration across middle school.

Dating violence perpetration Physical

Aggressive Victims 5. Goncy, Albert D. Accounting for the severity and frequency of specific acts, instead of treating all items as equal contributors, also worked better for measurement. Youth who reported any sort of victimization reported more trauma-related distress symptoms, even if they were also aggressive. This project primarily involved a secondary analysis of a five-year project VCU-YVPC that collected data on youth violence and related risk factors as part of an evaluation of violence prevention efforts. Data also showed that dating violence perpetration and victimization were distinct from general violence and victimization, suggesting the necessity for prevention and intervention programs that are specific to dating violence.

This included data from students recruited from 37 schools in four regions in the U.

Dating aggression during early adolescence was found to be best biolence as a two-factor model that consisted viooence general dating violence perpetration and victimization, instead of differentiating between forms e. However, there were significant sex differences, such that boys tended Phyaical experience more victimization, but less perpetration, compared to girls, and subsequently showed decreases in both across time. Farrell, and Terri N. The same is true for youth who were primarily victimized in their dating relationships.

This suggests that programs may need to be tailored for students experiencing dating violence victimization, as they may also have higher rates of trauma-related distress or involvement in other forms of violence. Youth who were physically and psychologically aggressive in their dating relationships were physically aggressive in other domains as well.

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Data were collected viilence times a year October, January, April, July from students in sixth-eighth viopence over multiple years; students participated until they finished middle school or chose to discontinue participation. Only students with a boyfriend or girlfriend in the past three months during at least one wave were included. The sample chosen from this dataset consisted of 3, participants 49 percent Black, 19 percent Hispanic, 16 percent White, 8 percent Multiracial, and 8 percent Another race; 48 percent female who reported that they had a boyfriend or girlfriend in the last three months at either the beginning of the sixth grade 2, participants or the end of the eighth grade 2, participants.

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