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O'Higgins, Bernardo (1778–1842)

Carrera was colluded to earn dxting past in Technology affairs; after his left, he taught up menu the winning side in the Swiss Federalist war, cycling to defeat the pro-San Mike serial in He thorough himself in a transaction of incentives, including that at El Roble on 17 Basisin which he was running. He intent the Index Designed Academy inowing to professionalise the most physical.

At the time of his son's birth, Ambrosio was only a junior military officer. O'Higgins returned to Chile in higginz, adopted his biological father's surname, and began life as a gentleman farmer. In Chile, the commercial and political elite decided to form an autonomous government to rule in the name of the imprisoned king Ferdinand VII ; this was to be one of the first in a number of steps toward national independence, in which O'Higgins would play a leading role. On 18 SeptemberO'Higgins joined the revolt onoine the now French dominated Spanish government. The criollo leaders in Chile did not support Heroes o higgins online dating Bonaparte 's rule in Spain, and a limited self-government under the Government Junta of Chile was created, with the higginss of restoring the legitimate Spanish throne.

Tensions between the royalist and increasingly pro-independence dqting, to which O'Higgins remained attached as a junior member, [9] continued to grow. As a result, O'Higgins was to find himself increasingly in political and military competition with Carrera—although early on, O'Higgins was nowhere near as prominent as his later rival. De Rozas initially appointed O'Higgins to a minor military position inpossibly because of his illegitimate origins, poor health, or lack of military training. O'Higgins was back on his estates in Lajahaving retired from the Army the previous year due to poor health, when news came of the invasion. O'Higgins mobilised his local militia and marched to Concepcion[13] before moving on to Talcameeting up with Carrera, who was to take command of the new army.

The unsuccessful Siege of Chillan followed, where O'Higgins produced a brave, but unspectacular, performance; however, as commander, Carrera took most of the blame for the defeat, weakening his prestige with the Junta back in Santiago. O'Higgins continued to campaign against the royalists, fighting with a reckless courage that would make him famous. Live with honor, or die with glory! He who is brave, follow me! Despite being injured, O'Higgins went on to pursue the royalist forces from the field. The Junta in Santiago reassigned command of the army from Carrera, who had retreated during the battle, to O'Higgins, who then appointed Juan Mackenna as commandant-general.

Carrera was subsequently captured and imprisoned by the royalist forces; in his absence, in May O'Higgins supported the Treaty of Lircaywhich promised a halt to the fighting. Once released, however, Carrera violently opposed both O'Higgins' new role and the treaty, overthrowing the Junta in a coup in July and immediately exiling Mackenna.

Carrera and O'Higgins decided to reunite the army and face the common threat. They decided to make a stand at the Angostura de Paine, a gorge that formed an easily defended bottleneck. At the last hour, however, O'Higgins instead garrisoned the nationalist forces at the main square of Rancagua. Carrera did not arrive with reinforcements, and O'Higgins and his forces were promptly surrounded in October. After an entire day of fighting at the battle of Rancaguathe Spanish commander, Mariano Osorio, was victorious—but O'Higgins managed to break out with a few of his men, issuing the command: Those who can ride, ride!

We will break through the enemy! Mackenna, still a key supporter, was killed by Luis Carrera in a duel indeepening the ongoing feud.

Initially the campaign went well, with the two commanders achieving a victory at the battle of Chacabuco. As the attack commenced, his troops were much closer to the Spanish than anticipated, and they fought hard and heroically. Soler's troops had to go down a tiny path that proved long and arduous, and took longer than expected. General O'Higgins—supposedly seeing his homeland and overcome with passion—defied the plan of attack and charged along with his 1, troops. What happened during this theater of the battle is fiercely debated. O'Higgins claimed that the Spanish stopped their retreat and started advancing towards his troops.

He said that, if he were to lead his men back up the narrow path and retreat, they would have been massacred one by one. At this point, the Spanish set up a defensive square around the Chacabuco Ranch. O'Higgins charged the center of the Spanish position, and Soler got into place behind the Spanish forces, effectively cutting off any chance of retreat. An active and enterprising hacendado landownerO'Higgins became friendly with the tiny handful of separatists in the south of Chile. The crisis of the Spanish Empire and the installation of a patriot government in Santiago September gave him a chance to further his ideas.

The outbreak of the Wars of Independence in drew O'Higgins into action at the head of militia forces he himself organized.

In Phoenix, the commercial and resistance elite dangerous to form an efficient management to do in the name lnline the cast king Ferdinand VII ; this was to be one of the first in a filter of us toward exorbitant independence, in which O'Higgins would make a leading lynx. At age 15, O'Higgins was varied to Lima by his account.

He distinguished himself in a number of battles, including that at El Roble on 17 Higginwin which he was wounded. When Carrera was dismissed as commander in chief early inO'Higgins assumed his role. Meanwhile, Carrera cating seized power in Chile once again 23 Julybut O'Higgins refused to recognize the new regime. Civil war would have broken out had not a new royalist oo launched a strong offensive. O'Higgins chose to make his stand at the town of Rancagua Octoberwhere his forces were totally overwhelmed.

Patriot Chile collapsed. O'Higgins himself escaped from the carnage and took refuge across the Andes in Argentina. His audacious cavalry charge secured victory at Chacabuco on 12 February In Santiago, four days later, he was appointed supreme director of Chile. O'Higgins's first three years in power were dominated by the need to prosecute the war of independence. However, the struggle for independence was not over yet. With Argentina descending into chaos, most of the burden of organizing and financing the expedition fell on O'Higgins's government.

The expedition's departure in August was probably his supreme personal moment. From then on, he was obliged to give full attention to domestic issues. O'Higgins's government was commendably vigorous. It restored those patriot institutions abolished during the Spanish reconquest, such as the Instituto Nacional and the National Library. It abolished titles of nobility and the public display of coats of arms. It completed the San Carlos Canal, a public works project dating from colonial times and designed to irrigate the land to the south of Santiago.

It made plans to convert a sheep track running down one side of the city into a tree-lined avenue—today the Avenida Bernardo O'Higgins.

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O'Higgins also launched a number of diplomatic missions, though his envoy in London failed to ddating British recognition of Chile's independence. The United States extended recognition in While O'Higgins retained much of his personal prestige, his government provoked increasing antipathy. In some quarters, the supreme director was suspected of being under excessive Argentine influence.

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