Green dot validating address information

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Moneypak stuck on validating address information

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Follow the onscreen steps.

What if you don't have the information that you need to verify your identity If your identity is unable to be verified, you won't be able to use all the features of Apple Pay Cash, including sending and receiving money and adding money to your Apple Pay Cash balance. You can use the money on your Apple Pay Cash account to make purchases in stores, in apps, and on the web, and you can transfer money to your bank. Learn more Learn about Apple Pay security and privacy. You must be at least 18 years old and a resident of the United States to send and receive money with Apple Pay or receive the Apple Pay Cash card.

Learn more about the Terms and Conditions. You should enter a home address. If you enter a post office box, your account will be restricted.

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A prepaid card is a payment card that is loaded with money by you or someone else. A prepaid card looks just like Grwen normal credit or debit card, with a card number, signature strip and company branding. But prepaid cards are unlike credit cards, which provide you with a line of credit. They are also very different from debit cards that are linked to a bank account rGeen an overdraft facility. This is because you can't borrow money with a prepaid card - you can only spend the money you have loaded onto it.

When you use a prepaid card at a retailer, the price of your purchase is deducted from the amount loaded onto your card. Now holding payments until Aug 3rd because I updated my info because they made me on a card with no issues. Chatted with seller service. They released some money but not real clear if all other payments will be held. Frustrated Edited by: Keystone Music on Jul 21, 3: After calling, they said it was a widespread problem. After re-entering our cc billing address and saving, it seemed to fix itself. We had this happen a few weeks back. We updated banking info, which is a debit card for us, and it resolved the same day, but took several hours.

I updated card info eight or nine times and eventually added a new card and still nothing. When this happens the last thing you do is chose between whether you want Amazon to validate the new information and issue payment then or not issue payment until the next payment date in your cycle Mine would have been Aug 2. A total of 11 times the cards failed to validate and I have the emails to prove it. Only when I chose the button to skip immediate payment and pay total due on Aug 2 did the card validate and it did so instantly. Each time prior to that both cards failed.

During this process I even called my bank to ensure the card was valid.

Dot validating information Green address

Seller support told me that there was a software glitch and I had to reenter the billing address for the card even when it already showed the correct address. They were wrong. Nothing worked until I allowed them to skip immediate payment.

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