Updating internet explorer 9 to 11 am

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Why Windows 7, 8 Users Must Upgrade to Internet Explorer 11

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Architecture[ edit ] The architecture of IE8. Previous versions had a similar architecture, except that both tabs and the UI were within the same process. Consequently, each browser window could have only one "tab process". It consists of several major components, each of which is contained in a separate Dynamic-link library DLL and exposes a set of COM programming interfaces hosted by the Internet Explorer main executable, iexplore. It handles all network communication over these protocols. The DOM tree is further processed by a layout engine which then renders the internal representation on screen.

Internet Explorer 8 includes the bindings for the Active Scripting engine, which is a part of Microsoft Windows and allows any language implemented as an Active Scripting module to be used for client-side scripting. LCIE separates the main window process frame process from the processes hosting the different web applications in different tabs tab processes. A frame process can create multiple tab processes, each of which can be of a different integrity level ; each tab process can host multiple web sites. The processes use asynchronous Inter-Process Communication to synchronize themselves.

Generally, there will be a single frame process for all web sites. In Windows Vista with Protected Mode turned on, however, opening privileged content such as local HTML pages will create a new tab process as it will not be constrained by Protected Mode. Browser extensibility and content extensibility. BHOs are used to extend the feature set of the browser, whereas the other extensibility options are used to expose that feature in the user interface. Content extensibility adds support for non-native content formats. Since malicious add-ons can compromise the security of a system, Internet Explorer implements several safeguards. Internet Explorer 6 with Service Pack 2 and later feature an Add-on Manager for enabling or disabling individual add-ons, complemented by a "No Add-Ons" mode.

Starting with Windows VistaInternet Explorer and its BHOs run with restricted privileges and are isolated from the rest of the system. Add-on Performance Advisor shows a notification when one or more of installed add-ons exceed a pre-set performance threshold. The notification appears in the Notification Bar when the user launches the browser. Windows 8 and Windows RT introduce a Metro-style version of Internet Explorer that is entirely sandboxed and does not run add-ons at all. This can be used to embed the browser functionality inside a computer program or create Internet Explorer shells.

Browser security Internet Explorer uses a zone-based security framework that groups sites based on certain conditions, including whether it is an Internet- or intranet-based site as well as a user-editable whitelist. Security restrictions are ho per zone; all the sites in a zone are subject to the restrictions. Internet Explorer 6 SP2 exploorer uses the Attachment Execution Service of Microsoft Windows to mark executable files downloaded from the Internet as being potentially unsafe. Accessing files marked as such will prompt the user to make an explicit trust decision to execute the file, as executables originating from the Internet can be potentially unsafe.

This helps in preventing accidental installation of malware. Internet Explorer 7 introduced the phishing filter, that restricts access to phishing sites unless the user overrides the decision. With version 8, it also blocks access to sites known to host malware. Downloads are also checked to see if they are known to be malware-infected. In Windows VistaInternet Explorer by default runs in what is called Protected Mode, where the privileges of the browser itself are severely restricted—it cannot make any system-wide changes.

11 am Updating internet 9 to explorer

One can optionally turn this mode off but this is not recommended. This also effectively restricts the privileges of any add-ons. As a result, even if the browser or any add-on is compromised, the damage the security breach can cause is limited. Patches and updates to the browser are released periodically and made available through the Windows Update service, as well as through Automatic Updates. Although security patches continue to be released for a range of platforms, most feature additions and security infrastructure improvements are only made available on operating systems which are in Microsoft's mainstream support phase.

Taking the update In general, I recommend always taking the latest Internet Explorer update. These days, the number of people who report problems due to the update is significantly smaller than it has been in the past. In the past, Internet Explorer had some rocky updates, and in some ways it got a bad reputation because of that.

As with any product, some small number of people are absolutely going to have issues. But for the vast majority of explorrr it is indeed a safe upgrade. The reason I recommend always updating to the latest IE is actually twofold: Second, new updates are more secure. Updates simply include more security fixes or design changes, not all of which get applied as patches to the older versions.

Windows 8 and Sell RT count a Useful-style version of Internet Updsting that is entirely sandboxed and agents not run add-ons at all. This helps in selecting accidental installation of malware. La Windows UI Recovery 1.

The update from IE 9 to 10 was really more about Windows 8 than anything else. Hence, it was optional. Related Posts Managing Windows Update - Windows Update Updatinv a silent and key workhorse in keeping your machine safe and secure from the latest threats and bugs. It's a good idea to check in on Windows Update once in a while to make sure things are as they should be, and operating according to your wishes. Take IE version updates whenever you are comfortable with them. Do I need all these Office updates if I also have Office ?

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