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Polygamy is illegal in all 50 adting in the Siwter State, including Utah, which is their home state. Kody is very passionate about fighting for their personal freedom and even attempted to change the law when he filed Brown v. Wivfs lawsuit in The family decided to take to the streets to rally at a march in order to legalize polygamy and all of the Sister Wives were expected to stand up for their rights, if not physically, at least in word. They risked being arrested to support the cause. InTouch shined a light on how Meri felt about taking the risk. Let's go do something. Let's go march. Just like any marriage. I hate to say it, because I don't like divorce -- nobody likes that -- but my wives are free to leave, if they make that choice.

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And we have chosen to be daugbter family out of love, out of devotion, eives of faith. The family was rocked by a scandal when Meri admitted to having an emotional affair with a man that she met on-line. The damage was done wibes although Meri has yet to officially leave the family, she has started to distance herself. This leads us to an explosive report that spilled all sorts of Brown family secrets. One of which is that Robyn is the only wife that Kody really cares to continue to have a relationship with and the other wives are thinking of leaving him as well. This rule came to light when the Browns went on their vacation with the another polygamist family, the Dargers.

Preach, September. Next, Brady declared that there is to be no pre-marital sex. His reasoning for all of this?

Rules daughter dating Sister wives

He doesn't want his kids to be "flippant with their bodies. While I can't see any father, no matter how feminist, actually condoning their teenaged daughters having sex, Brady took the protective role to an extreme. He ignored his kids' opinions on the strict dating rules and seemed to have no regard for their own feelings. We also have to wonder how the five moms felt about all of these rules. Maybe at least one of them would be okay with her kids dating before 18, or wouldn't have wanted Brady to discourage them from kissing.

At the very least by policing his daughters' bodies, and essentially ignoring actual womens' opinions, Brady lost his self-granted feminist card. Feminism The key difference between the Browns and Williams when it comes to feminism? The Browns don't claim to be feminists, and the fact that Brady and all five of his wives do is exactly what causes the biggest problem with their progressive label. Aside from the issue of whether it's truly possible to be both a feminist and polygamist, especially for the man at the center of the relationship, many of Brady's actions aren't feminist.

For the wives it's more debatable, but if Brady really wants to be considered a feminist, he's going to have to try harder. As he works his way towards a degree in philosophy, Brady is taking a class on feminist theory, which must be where he decided to identify as one. If his attitude towards his kids' dating lives isn't enough prove, he's one other things that question his values, one notably involving his fifth wife, Rhonda. Rhonda works as a medical assistant, and she's not the only Williams wife to work outside the home. Paulie is a dental hygienist and Nonie does administrative work for Brady's construction company. Kody said that his belief in autonomy extends itself to the wives' daily actions.

They did say they appreciate when people compare their best friends to a sister wife, however. Despite the Sister Wives' preferences, Kody himself tends to use some rather derogatory terms when talking about his large brood of children. According to Janelle, Kody will often call the children "polyg kids" or "polyglets. Christine has often maintained that she had always dreamed of becoming a third wife when she grew up, which she now is to Kody. Ultimately, the Brown family chalked up their disproval of multiple husbands to the fact that it simply isn't a part of their religion.

However, there were other, more devastating consequences that they had to contend with as well. The family moved from Utah to Nevada in an attempt to escape Utah's very strict rules against the practice. However, they returned to the state to participate in rallies speaking out in favor of making the practice legal. Before the Browns returned to Utah, they made sure to assign guardians who would be granted custody of their children should they end up getting arrested for polygamy while in Utah. The document is called the "Power of Attorney Over Protected Person or Minor Child" and is often kept in ready supply in Utah legal offices due to its popularity.

The Brown family has also maintained that their children are allowed to choose their own lifestyles, saying that they know not all of the kids will agree with their own personal views.

Despite having wwives for years, Madison was shot down by the institution. Madison made it clear that she was not interested in being polygamous, like her family. However, she wasn't willing to cut them out of Sster life either. They care for each other's feelings and treat each other ddating equals regardless of who is married to Kody at the moment. This closeness hasn't been easy to come by of course. Robyn's once-close friend, Kendra Pollard-Parra revealed in an interview that Kody approached Siater and asked her to join the Browns' polygamous family as the fifth wife. To make it even more awkward, Kody allegedly asked Kendra right rulse front of Robyn.

Wivee in Dting defense, we suppose he's used to being entirely open with all of his wives. Who wouldn't want to join him as a fifth wife? Apparently Kendra, who seemingly rejected Kody's proposition in the most eloquent way possible with a simple "eww". Go, girl. Wife number four, who was once the apple of Kody's wandering eye, now has to deal with the potential of a new wife coming in and stealing her spotlight. As a result, reports are saying that the tension that Kody's search for a fifth wife is causing is enough to have Robyn seeking to file for divorce. According to the same reports, Robyn is sick of being a "puppet.

This information comes from the secrets Jackie Overton spilled in her book, so we suppose we can take this one with a grain of salt. Mariah came out during an episode of the show to the surprise of her biological mother, Meri. While Meri began to cry that she thought she knew her daughter, Kody and Robyn appeared to be happy about it. This made Meri even more upset as she was surprised that they were happy for Mariah. However, Kody added, "We're not happy that Mariah's gay, we're happy that she knows herself. Um, I'm gay. Although Kody legally adopted Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna, which is why Meri had to divorce Kody so he could legally marry Robyn, Robyn still wants more than just the adoption papers.

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