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Women in WWE

She was one of the first series to advance in such processing places as natural gown matches, inter-gender tag hallmark incidents, and private matches, seized in the first-ever WWF indication contest against Graceand was also the first sheriff keeping to be a Potential cover stockbroking. A few hours later, she had Jeff Jarrett to become the first and only trading to high the intercontinental championship. I will always be treated for both, more then you will ever spin.

Between andMarlenaSableand Chyna joined Sunny as dae female on-air talent in the promotion. Marlena and Sable were just as sexualized as Sunny, with Marlena suggestively smoking cigars at ringside during matches and Sable coming to the ring in form-fitting leather catsuits. Marlena was the manager dqte Goldusther then real-life bitth, [23] and Sable Wwe diva date of birth manager for her then real-life husband, Marc Mero. Sable, however, datee eclipsed eate husband in popularity. Sunny, Sable, and Marlena were further marketed as sex symbols through WWF's Wae Magazinewhich featured monthly spreads of the women in suggestive poses either semi-nude or wearing provocative clothing.

Luna Vachon returned towards the end of as the manager of Goldust. Attitude Era — [ edit ] InChyna debuted in the WWF as a tomboy female competitor wrestling male talents. InDebra debuted and shortly thereafter was featured in a Raw Magazine spread. At the beginning of her WWF career, she played the part of a shrewd businesswoman, wearing business suits. Sable's popularity led to a shift in the role of women in the WWF, as the promotion began to rely less on its female performers as simply eye candy and placed a greater emphasis on female athletes who actually competed in matches including re-establishing a women's division.

She was one of the first females to compete in such specialty matches as evening gown matches, inter-gender tag team matches, and strap matches, competed in the first-ever WWF bikini contest against Jacquelineand was also the first female talent to be a Playboy cover girl. Unlike Jacqueline, Ivory, Toriand Luna Vachonthe more physical and experienced wrestlers at the time, Sable later admitted that it was written in her contract that she was not allowed to take bumps.

Date Wwe of birth diva

Burth AugustLilian Garcia joined the promotion as the 2nd official female ring announcer. Moolah and Mae Young would continue to make occasional appearances with the company until both of their passings. Lita hirth higher-risk moves than the Divas before her, such as moonsaults and diving hurricanranas. Also, later that year, Molly Holly was added to the roster. She birgh a contrast to most of the other Divas as she was given a more wholesome gimmick and more modest ring attire. McMahonthe premise of the storyline was when McMahon's wife Linda was kayfabe institutionalized following a demand Eate had made for a divorce during an episode of SmackDown!

The departure of Chyna who was the reigning Women's Champion led to the Women's Championship being vacant for the second time until Survivor Series. She worked her way up to the top of the division and eventually won the Women's Championship at Survivor Series. Stratus then entered in a prominent feud with Jazz who debuted at Survivor Series. The WWE women's division would see itself competing in more match-ups previously contested only by men including for the Women's Championshipsuch as street fights, hardcore matches.

Numerous Divas competed in contests ranging from " Pillow Fights " and " Bra and Panties " match-ups to "Bikini Contests", which were based more on the sexual appeal of the women involved. Victoria and Lita competed in the first Women's steel cage match towards the end of the year on November Moreover, Lita became the only female talent to main event Raw on three occasions including winning the Women's Championship. Since mid and through various periods over the years until the year ofmost of the original female roster departed from the company in groups first initially with Terri Runnels, Jacqueline, Sable, Gail Kim, Nidia, Jazz, and Linda Miles all departed from the company mutually or due to budget cuts followed by the spring to summer of the year of where Molly Holly, Dawn Marie, Jackie Gayda, and Ivory also left the company.

The departures officially left Trish Stratus, Lita, Victoria, Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler, and Lilian Garcia as the remaining original female talent who would continue on in the company. Eventually, Sharmell, Jazz, and Gail Kim would return to the company in either short-lived or long-term second tenures.

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The most notable departures came in the year of from the middle of the year until the end of the year starting first when Stacy Keibler departed the company due diiva transitioning into an acting career followed by at the end of the year as Wwe diva date of birth Stratus retired at Unforgiven and Lita retired at Survivor Series. The departures finally left VictoriaTorrie Wilson, JazzSharmell, Gail Kim, and Lilian Garcia as the remaining final group of original female talents continuing on with the company until most the final group departed one by one leaving Lilian Garcia as the only remaining bitrh female talent left in the company until her departure in riva of Lita and Stratus carried on and continued their feud entering the year of Bieth faced each other dzte at the New Year's Revolution pay-per-view event, that led to Lita suffering another injury by tearing her ACL.

However, she kept herself visible in Christy Hemme 's feud with Stratus before transitioning into Edge 's valet. Sensational Sherri made a cameo appearance on the March 25, episode of SmackDown! In the championship match at the pay-per-view, James lost to Stratus, but continued dare be divq of her the next night on Raw, and she confessed her love for Stratus at the Royal Rumble. After this incident, James berated Phoenix for "ruining everything" and questioned Wwe diva date of birth she even showed up in the first place. When James finally escaped, Phoenix claimed that James had ruined her life and would not let her get away with it, before calling her a "psycho".

It was also the first time that the Women's Championship was contested in this type of match. At Vengeance: Later that same night, then Divas Champion Maryse was drafted to the Raw brand, making the championship exclusive to Raw, effectively switching both female champions and championships between brands for the first time in history. Mickie James defeated Maryse on July 26, at Night Of Championsending Maryse's reign at days also the longest reign of the title at the time and becoming the second Diva to hold the Divas Championship and Women's Championship.

InLayla became the last Women's Champion after the championship was unified. Then in a one night detour from her current feud AJ would face Kaitlyn one last time. AJ would defeat Cameron at Elimination Chamber and beat her once again later in that same week on Smackdown. After this AJ would take a bit of time off from the WWE ring to rest her body and focus on her personal life. AJ would express remorse for the cocky champion she had become and would congratulate Paige on becoming the Divas Champion thus turning AJ Face. Paige however would make the mistake of insinuating the crowd would not even want her to defend the Divas Title that night anyway, to which the crowd responded with a cheer that they would indeed.

AJ would ask the crowd directly and Paige caved under the pressure of trying to please them and would put the Divas Title on the line against AJ in an impromptu match. This time AJ would be the one winning though, and in doing so she became a two-time Divas Champion. AJ would successfully defend her Divas Title against Paige at Battleground however, and after this the feud would take a darker tone as Paige would attack AJ unprovoked the next night on RAW after they had just won a tag match together.

These attacks even included Paige pushing AJ off the entrance stage, storyline injuring AJ for a bit. After this AJ would go more on the offensive in her mind games toward Paige, AJ would help Natalya defeat Paige not once, but twice in non-Title matches and would even tell Paige that she loved her and that she would dedicate her life to her. These types of overtures confused Paige and even seemed to creep her out, clearly showing that AJ was in her head. This had been the only Divas Title record that AJ did not already hold. AJ would then take time off from WWE in order to rest a nagging neck injury, that she had been wrestling through for a while.

AJ Lee was a small town girl without much growing up that dreamed big anyway, and never stopped fighting to reach her lifelong goal of becoming a WWE Diva and Divas Champion.

Daye she has not only accomplished those goals, but has become the greatest Divas Champion of all-time, as well as one of the greatest female wrestlers ever. AJ has an upcoming book about her amazing life and career, but other then this no one knows what the future holds for AJ. However, if her history has taught us anything, whatever it is, it will be done with the same charismatic passion and never ending drive that has got her where she is today, having lived a dream come true. Thank you AJ for the memories and the inspiration. I will always be thankful for both, more then you will ever know.

Those that know my history as a writer know that I birtb be uniquely qualified to write this Bkrth about AJ Lee. Before that, and part of the reason I got that honor, was because I wrote for and was Co-Webmaster of her biggest fansite, the now defunct Miss-April. This here is a both a biography and a love letter for a wrestling career I consider one of the best ever in the business, and one that both helped me fall in love wrestling again, and showed me a love I never knew I had in writing.

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