Dating without a social circle

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She may have seen you at a the same parties as your friend or taking part in the same community.

Without social circle a Dating

Dzting may have seen that the two of you share similar interests. Having seen you before — or having heard about you from her friend — means she will be more aware of your good qualities, which will carry more wityout than if you try to show off or even brag a little. Warm approaches will also make it easier to get a number, one where she is much more likely to respond, rather than to use her voice mail and caller ID to filter you out. After reading that long list of benefits, some people will now be asking: For another: Being able to cold-approach strangers is a good way of rebuilding that social circle from scratch. And, most importantly: So, how does a friendless person like me find girls to date?

It's so frustrating because I have these strong urges -- as everyone does -- but they can't be fulfilled. I'm not looking for a model-type girl; I'm just looking for a cute girl with a good heart. It wouldn't even matter if she has a few extra pounds on her. So, any ideas on how to go about dating when you don't have a social circle? How to go on?

Since "Double Your Dating", I know how not to become clingy. So I could put that off. I don't care to hold myself busy. I know that I'm not allowed to pass too much time with a woman - otherwise she'll think I'd be boring. Actually, I get approached by some women in public. Not often, but sometimes.

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Til now, I didn't catch the chance. I'm slowly getting better at approaching women but it can be hard sometimes, even in a big city like Chicago, to get their attention. I should say I'm more reluctant to ask some of the women I meet out on a date or for their number, usually because I don't feel a spark with them or I can tell they just aren't into me romantically. One thing I've been trying to do is ask my friends who are all pretty much married, engaged, or in relationships if they have any single lady friends who I could meet.

I'm not asking to be set up on a blind date, just any they think I might be a match for that they could introduce me to. Many of my friends say they don't know anyone. Especially the girls. Girls say all their friends are married or dating someone, or they just don't have any single friends.

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