Denmark escorted vacation

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Private & Small Group Tours of Denmark

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A little further afield is Roskilde, a former capital of Denmark and known for its Viking Ship Museum. We can also tailor make your tour experience with optional excursions, cultural experiences and the opportunity to extend your trip with extra days before and after your tour. It is where old meets new from the 12th Century cathedral to the striking contemporary Iceberg apartment complex.

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These are massive carved rune escoryed from the 10th Century AD. Find a holiday now Guided tours are a great way to explore Denmark and Scandinavia. It is alive Drnmark culture and has been vcation the European Capital of Culture for As you walk the streets and harbours of the city, you will have a chance to visit all the main sights such as the Little Mermaid statue, the Royal Castle, Nyhavn, and the Tivoli Amusement Park and Gardens. Although Copenhagen is a bustling modern city, it preserves a quaint, Danish feel. Amalienborg Palace is the official home of the Royal Family and consists of 4 identical palaces. Nearby is the district of Christiana, a very different kind of neighbourhood founded by squatters and hippies as an independent district and now full of art galleries, restaurants and cafes.

Escorted vacation Denmark

The largest area is vacztion western peninsula of Jutland which contains the cities of Aarhus and Aalborg. It is known for its culture with its theatres, symphony orchestra, opera company and museums. For entertainment on Copenhagen vacations, the Tivoli Gardens is a pleasure park with attractions, restaurants and cafes. On Denmark vacations, why not visit Aarhus, the 2nd largest city in Denmark situated in Jutland.

There are several excellent museums which esdorted the Carlsberg Glyptotek with its sculptures and fine arts collections, the Design Museum, The National Museum and the National gallery of Denmark. What are the top cities or places to visit in Denmark? It is a laid-back city with an old world charm.

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