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How to install and set up a WordPress Multisite

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You can use an FTP client or file manager in the cPanel to copy and paste the code in these two files. After that you will need to re-login to your WordPress site to access the wordpdess network. Configuring Network Settings Now that you have woedpress the multisite network, it is time to configure network settings. This will take you to the multisite network dashboard. You will notice that there are new menu items to manage your multisite network. The first option on network settings page is to set your site title and admin email address.

These fields will be filled automatically with the network title and admin email you entered during setup. By default, both user and site registrations are disabled on the network. You can choose to open your site for user registration, or allow existing users to create new sites, or allow both user and site registration. Limited Email Registration option allows you to limit site or user registration to email addresses from specific domains.

Htaccess multi Updating wordpress site

This is particularly useful if you htaccezs want to allow people from your own organization to register and create users or sites. Similarly, you can also ban certain domains from registration. You can modify the welcome emails and the contents of first default post, page, and comment in these settings. As a network administrator, you can change these settings anytime. Upload Settings for Your Multisite Network It is important for you to keep an eye on the usage of your server resources. Under the Upload Settings section, you can limit the total amount of space a site can use for uploads. The default value is MB which is probably good for at least photo uploads.

You can increase or decrease this space depending on how much disk space you have.

The default upload file types are images, audio, video, and pdf files. You can add additional file types if you want like doc, docx, hyaccess, etc. Plugin Menu Settings Next, you can jump to the menu settings. It will allow you to enable the administrative menu for the plugins section on your network sites. Enabling this will show plugins menu to respective site admins. They can activate or deactivate a plugin on their individual sites, but they cannot install new plugins. This will show you a list of sites on your current multisite installation. By default, you have your primary site listed as the only site in your WordPress multisite network. You can add an admin email address other than the one that you are currently using to manage your multisite network.

If the email address is not currently in use by another user, then WordPress will create a new user and send the username and password to the email address you enter. These plugins are hidden entirely from per-site plugin lists. Themes All themes are installed for the entire network. If you edit the code of one theme, you edit it for all sites using that theme. You can activate themes for the entire network, or edit sites and activate them individually. By default, WordPress assigns the most recent "Twenty Categories and Tags Global terms i. Switching network types It's possible to switch between domain-based sub-domain and path-based sub-directory installations of Multisite.

If you have had WordPress installed for longer than a month and are attempting to activate the network, you will be told to use Sub-domain sites. This is in order to ensure you don't have conflicts between pages i. If you are confident you will not have this issue, then you can change this after you finish the initial setup. In your wp-config. Note that per the Settings Requirements you cannot switch from Sub-directory to Sub-domain when running on This necessitates the use of an. The examples below are the standard.

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If you have WordPress in its own folder, you will need to change the value for RewriteBase appropriately. SubFolder Example WordPress 3. Below the network administration, all sites of the network are sote to which you were added. By clicking on the names, wkrdpress enter the backends of these sites. Here wordress can find the widget to add new users and new sites to your network. On this tab, you can see all sites of your network — similar to the posts and pages. By moving the cursor over the websites, you see for example links to edit, display the dashboard, view, delete, archive or deactivate the sites.

Note that you have fewer functions for the main page of your network, as this one always needs to exist and you cannot delete it. Here you can administer the users of your network. In contrast to a single site installation, you can assign the super admin user role. The super admin has access to all sites and can make changes within the whole network. If you want a user to have access to the sites of your network, you need to add the user to each site via the user administration of the sites. The theme administration. Here you can install and uninstall themes and activate or deactivate them for the whole network. Here you can find all installed plugins.

You can add new plugins or delete them, you can activate or deactivate them for the whole network. On this tab you can find and edit the basic settings for your site, for example: To enhance your website with a new site, take the following steps: Add a new website to a multisite Enter the desired website address.

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