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Mejia Thermal Power Station

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The fly ash pond, spread across an area of acres, is filled with waste that has risen to a level of feet.

Villagers say powe over 7, tonnes of fly ash is dumped in the pond everyday. The pond is already filled beyond capacity. The strong winds carry the fly ash to our homes and turn every household item black. How can we use utensils filled with coal dust and sleep on beds covered with the fly ash? Since then, Majhi has joined the villagers in a campaign to relocate the village to some other part of the district.

Tinder dating site thermal station power Mejia

xating We demand that the DVC rehabilitate us. Dinamoy Badhakor, a resident of the village, shows the ash from the power plant. Arora These villagers have been struggling for a long time. Inthe DVC had to stop production in three of its units as the fly ash waste from its power plants was polluting the environment. The shutdown come after a team of the State Pollution Control Board inspected the plant and found that none of the norms to control pollution were being followed. It thegmal also recommended strong measures for keeping the environment clean, but villagers claim that none of them have siye implemented and that statioon situation has only taken a turn for the worse.

Nine people have died in the village in the past three months due to cancer, tuberculosis and breathlessness. Children are suffering from fever and other diseases because of the continuous flow of cold water from the cooling tower of the power plant. Upset with tinfer callous attitude of the administration, over a hundred families have already migrated from the village and many more are planning to do so. The water is contaminated and even after bathing several times, a burning like sensation remains. It feels like acid has been thrown on your body. Because my friends and I have arranged to meet back at you. It reaches everyone from store manager to CEO, covering the entire industry.

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