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I wonder if you want to go out.

And jojo dating Mattyb

I am sure he has a girlfriend I mean look at him. I am matty girlfriend. I hope not he is so hot. Yes he does have an gf and in fact her name is sklar something xxi think. I don't want to break your heart or anything but matty b is my boyfriend. Matty B is quite adorable but for those B-girls in GA you could at least get to know him and be friends before you fall "in love" with him Yes it selina rayn reavely. I hope not he's super cute though so he probably does: Yes im his girlfriend. Na, but he told me, FYI I do know him, that he likes benedicte phlilus. MattyB please tell me the truth.

You got to tell your fans if you have a girlfriend I know I will be crying for a long time but please tell me. Yes I'm his girl friend. Well as a fact I think he does have one. That is because in all of his movies he loves a particular girl! And sometimes it is 2 girls or more like a group of people. Get your fucking minds straight. He is mother mucking 10 years old, mattyb and sierra haschak dating. You idiots, you other girls want him to be single so you can date him. You are like eight years older you perverts. By the time you are dead he won't even have pubic hair.

God people this days are taking too much drugs if they are asking to date a 9 year old as 24 year olds. Cough cough child molester. Mattyb does have a girlfriend named Kate she is in almost all of his music videos. Yes her name is kate. I hope not but he is way to cute to not have a girlfriend. He does because mostly all of those songs he sings with all of those girls hat means hat he has a girlfriend and her name is KATEB or KATTIEB something like that I know it starts with a Kate okay there's the real and actual answer thanx have a mattyb and sierra haschak dating day mattyb love yah bye: Idk but if he does or not Mattyb and jojo dating out of his business kk.

I hope he dont because hes hot and I'm 12 right now so call me baby love u your so sexy. I don't know but I think he and Skylar should date. I think he might be dating Jordan Jones because she is in like olmost every youtube video he makes. She is a combo of a dancer, singer, actress, and YouTube personality, all merged into one little bombshell. The videos have been gathering millions of likes worldwide. Now that is a small trailer to the bigger picture which we can expect in the coming days. The most watched channel on which Siwa posts daily videos of her day-to-day life.

Awww, I wish I could have a boisterous life like hers. Booty Shaker Smaker She was just 5years old, she began dancing and learn hip-hop dance over any other style. She enjoys jazz, contemporary, and lyrical as well. Her favorite styles of dance, however, to perform are jazz and hip-hop because they have so much fun energy and bubbling. Siwa was in the top-5 on the 2nd season of the dance series Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition and the youngest one to compete on season 2. The young booty shaker smacker began auditioning for Abby Lee Miller's ALDC dance competition team in and was among the selected people for the team in People barely have time to wash their clothes, and this girl has time for what not!!!

Jojo and Beyond Jojo is a free minded person and loves to travel around the world. But, that is, at her own expense and not being pampered by her mommy and daddy. The little dynamite has a great interest towards accessories. Finally, something girlish!! He started his social media career with the help of his brother MattyB. January 30, Sarah is the younger sister of MattyB and the only girl in his family. She resides with her parents in Atlanta, GA and is a school pupil.

The girl is not a biological kid of Blake and Tawny Morris. Anf was adopted. Sarah has already become an Instagram star with more thanfollowers and YouTube star with more thansubscribers. He attends Wesleyan School, where his mother previously worked as a teacher.

Age is redeemable the Msttyb. Hi brett b is going to be mine i would him he is a personal cash to every one.

MattyB founded his Kojo channel inbeing just 7-year-old boy. He uploaded covers on various popular songs, and was so good in singing, that soon he gained a large fan base. The rapper started to perform original music. His YouTube channel gained more than 10 million subscribers. Having started as YouTube star, MattyB moved forward and found the way to the small screen. He previously dated JoJo Siwa.

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