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Review: Angry Birds 2 is a great game ruined by ridiculous microtransactions

Abrams challenges balancing what fans engage with what he works, and a whole lot more. Stoic Doubts We have an excellent casting call, but what traders it mean. Why not text its video tutorials the same way?.

No, they aren't being warw for Episode VII. Rather, they're a small sample of our casting considerations for an Original Trilogy reboot! We take a lighter approach to our discussion this week onliine look at who we would or wouldn't want to see cast if Disney were to remake the first three Star Amgry movies. Then, we step back from the day-to-day buzz around the onnline sequel film and discuss all the ways, big and small, that Disney could mine the Star Wars franchise for new wasr. From spinoff films to new EU publishing strategies to Disney merchandising tie-ins, we explore the opportunities that the galaxy far, far away presents to the House of Mouse. It's A Date! We have an official release date!

We also have news about casting calls we believe may be for Episode VII. Eric and Erik read the audition piece for "Thomas and Rachel," discuss what the character descriptions mean if anything at alland discuss a new actor rumored to be considered for an unnamed role. Plus the guys provide their commentary on Star Wars Art: All this plus the latest comic news and answers to your questions on the newest digital books from Del Rey! Join Jedi Journals and celebrate three years of the best podcast on Star Wars literature this side of Tatooine! Arndt is out and Kasdan and Abrams are in. What does this mean for the story and the key players? We also discuss a rumor that Harrison Ford is onboard, celebrate the one-year anniversary of Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm, and read your emails.

Finally, Wave 3!

We finally have a chance to play with X-Wing Wave 3 and get some hands-on experience with how the new ships change the game. Introducing The Inquisitor What are heroes without villains? But Wait, There's More! What A Tease! What can we take away from the Star Wars Rebels teaser? We couldn't be more excited, but the teaser raised some interesting questions for our Discussion segment. We also take a look at the latest Disneyland rumors, some interesting comments from Jett Lucas, and more! Pablo Hidalgo and Leland Chee join us from Lucasfilm to discuss their work answering Star Wars questions for a living.

October Jedi Journals, the premier show about Star Wars literature, returns for another jammed packed episode this month. The hosts of Jedi Journals invite you to listen in and "keep on reading". We also talk about Star Wars Detours and get to some great listener feedback. Evergreens and Origins It's a shorter show this week, but we cover the latest Star Wars news, rumors, and releases all the same. Disney's CFO calls the spinoff films "origin stories," J. Oh yeah, and there Angry birds star wars 1-37 online dating be a young Han Solo movie in the works too. Dawn of the Title Rumors It's important to revisit iconic aspects of prior Star Wars films in the upcoming trilogy.

But at what point do throwbacks become stale? This week we talk about finding that balance between honoring what's come before and creating something fresh. We also discuss title and casting rumors, news about Empire and Rebellion: Razor's Edge, and the status of our predictions for the upcoming films. Virtual Cardboard We didn't care much for the Star Wars: Would that be a good thing? Plus, Eric, Bonnie, and Christian discuss the role of nostalgia, with its promises and pitfalls, in the sequel trilogy era. September It's a big month for variant hunters as Chris and Jay run down the top comics, books and magazines for September!

Plus breaking news on the newest Star Wars comic exclusive! You'll also want to be sure to check out our conversation with John Jackson Miller about his newest novel, Kenobi. Be sure to listen closely as you'll never know what you'll hear, on the September episode of Jedi Journals! Is Episode VII really being pushed to late ? Don't let these rumors get you down, because we have good news too! Interview With Steve Horvath This week we've got an interview you don't want to miss! Speculate Responsibly This week's show is all about rumors and the fans who love and hate them. We discuss secrecy versus leaks in the Internet age, Star Wars blogging as a form of journalism, and how to manage expectations now that the next movie era is upon us.

Catching Up We've got a lot of things to catch up on since our last episode! We've started a Star Wars: They tackle some topics submitted by listeners, talk about the upcoming theme park changes, and give their take on the Episode VII release date. We've also got book news, a comic book trailer, DVD news, and more! Listen in as author Troy Denning stops by to discuss Star Wars: Kenobi and the future of the Expanded Universe. This is the show you're looking for! What If What if the films were released chronologically starting in ? What if Lucas created the series starting with The Phantom Menace?

This week, we take a look at how things could have been different, and we look at the possibilities of things to come. Presented By Joh Yowza This week we tackle the Special Edition changes, including a surprising argument over whether it's important that Han shoots first. And Erik reveals the only Star Wars scene he fast forwards through -- and it's not from the prequels! Playing Roles What roles would you want to play in the Star Wars universe? We cover the "obligation" system, explain the unique dice mechanics, and go over the basic careers and specializations.

We also talk about the new Angry Birds announcement, the upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic update, and more! To Screen or Not to Screen This week, we tackle the important questions on every parent's mind: When should you introduce your kids to the Star Wars saga? In what order should you screen the movies? Should you include The Clone Wars, and if so, how so? Tune in to find out what we think about this big topic. Plus, we cover the latest theme park rumors, Celebration Europe II updates, book announcements, and more. Now What? So you've decided to pick up the X-Wing Miniatures Game core set. Where do you go from here?

We provide some basic ideas for squadrons you can work toward as a rookie player. Engendering Controversy It may have been a slow news week, but the controversy brought on by a possible female lead in Episode VII continues! To further discuss gender representation in Star Wars, we brought in two bloggers who have written extensively on the subject: Bria from Tosche-Station.

Once again ForceCast Clone Wars Roundtable co-host and Lucasfilm-licensed artist Spencer Brinkerhoff sits down with the art show participants and talks to them about their work, their experiences, and how they got to be contributors to the Star Wars universe. No News? No Problem! With no big stories to cover this week, Erik and Eric discuss their hopes for a "Star Wars land" at a Disney theme park. These may not be the most realistic ideas, but who knows what the House of Mouse is capable of? Plus, we've got book updates, Celebration Europe II news, and a trove of listener feedback.

In this first episode, they introduce themselves, explain what to expect from the podcast, and give a brief overview of the Star Wars Card Game and the X-wing Miniatures Game. Brian Rood, Chris Trevas, and Jerry Vanderstelt Star Wars Celebrations are a unique opportunity for Star Wars fans, with film stars, book authors, costumers, prop builders, and artists all gathered in one place. But there wasn an attempt on the behalf of the developers to assign each type of character with a Star Wars theme, be it lightsabers, cloaks, stormtrooper helmets, or Princess Leia's famed double buns. It was Angry Birds, but the flavors of Star Wars were still very much evident.

Now, many of the games available on mobile feel like "me too" copycats attempting to mix the popularity of massive licenses with familiar elements of chart-topping hits like Clash of Clans.

Also, a holder at Used Warscollect on some important short months, and more. Cut Death Star was big-to-play, often in easy accordingly explotative ways. Sit back and build as you enter into the May woman of Replacement Options.

Star Wars Uprising might be the only realistic objection here, since it is a wholly mediocre dungeon-crawling RPG featuring Star Wars races and bifds. But Uprising had heart, a sense of earnest desire at its core to be a truly great Diablo clone set in a galaxy far, far away. The same cannot be said of the others. Star Wars: Players hit a difficulty wall daitng when they don't invest money into their bases, and the whole economy creates a system of haves and have nots punishing those who don't choose to feed money into its hungry mechanics. Galaxy of Heroes is a strategy game featuring iconic and timeless characters and heroes in the Star Wars universe, but even that feels like a hollow attempt to marry a so-so strategy game with the true essence of Star Wars.

It's like being on a themed ride at an amusement park; the setting, characters, and situations might be familiar, but they're all little more than wires and steel frames going through the motions. And don't even get me started on the card trader app, an entire program asking people to chip in real momey to purchase and trade intangible JPEGs images.

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1-377 Avengers sadly haven't fared well either, mostly limited to poor film adaptations, hero battle games like Avengers Alliance, management games like Avengers Academy, and meager fighting games like Contest of Champions. There's an eerie amount of parity between the games flaunting both the Star Wars and Marvel banners. It's as if there are a set list of game templates massive entertainment studios can plaster with a popular franchise and flip around to draw in money. Ther's little care or thought put into the design to make them into something congruent to the values and themes these franchises embody.

Perhaps it wouldn't be such an egregious oversight if there were better alternatives available on other platforms. DC Comics has done a markedly beter job with just the Batman property by letting developer Rocksteady take the Dark Knight's world and build amazing action games around it.

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