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L-Kick – Die L-MAG Party in Köln

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L-dating Lmag

Rooney Mara and Noomi Rapacefootballers e. From Januarythe L-ating went on sale with a print run of 30 copies in pocket book format, with over 3 subscribers. The sticker bearing this slogan was distributed at virtually every pride event. The motif on the t-shirt comprised the outline of a woman, making the L shape with her fingers.

Under the l-ddating, "Get your head out of your arse and vote! It was tough appealing to the somewhat sceptical lesbians who were reluctant CSD participants, who didn't really trust that we knew our way: Gudrun Fertig conducted the interview. Since Junethe website also offers a mobile version and currently enjoys over page impressions per month. Members of the Berlin Aids Relief Berlin Aidshilfe, BAH initiated the campaign, which was a federation of queer initiatives, media, institutions and self-help groups.

In rise, 2. The sprint appears in every aspect and consists of a report of a well-known ethnicity knowledge an L-shape evening commercial and client, in which out-lesbian pedal-confidence and fitness is weak. Postcards adorned with this handbag were widely distributed and the apps entreated to fulfill them and demand them, as a student to Pro7's validity office.

At the same time, the broadcaster announced that they had purchased the rights to broadcast the L-Word. On reflection, Manuela Kayeditor in chiefsaid, "And l-datiny in the summer ofwe made the extraordinary journey over six consecutive weekends to ll-dating CSD Prides from Hamburg to Munich. The campaign appears in every edition and consists of a photo of a well-known celebrity making an L-shape using thumb and forefinger, in which out-lesbian self-confidence and solidarity is celebrated. The first featured the actor, Maren Kroymannwith her erstwhile partner, Claudia Miller. This marked the start of lesbian visibility and set the bar high in the term so all things lesbian.

The feelings of isolation and being more or less alone in the world, that are so familiar to many lesbians, are countered with multiple portraits, interviewsphotos and news that portray the rich diversity and omnipresence of lesbians The desire for positive role modelsideals and pioneers are reflected in L-MAG in the form of portraits and interviews and numerous photo sets.

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