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Real-Time Matchmaking and Player Lobby

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This would allow you to group players into separate competitive and casual matchmaking queues, for example. Whatever you decide, FlexMatch uses your rules to assemble a match and your queue configuration to place the match onto a game server.

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Once you have configured your matchmaker and queue, you are ready to accept matchmaking requests. For Matchmakibg, autoscaling can start launching the right amount of servers to accommodate player demand. Advanced Rules The FlexMatch rule set also has advanced features ream even more granular hy over player experience. For instance, you can Matchhmaking together players who prefer certain game tram, like Capture the Flag, or certain groups of maps. You can also create matches with teams that feature at least one each of several classes of player characters.

For example, you might decide that a valid team requires at least one warrior, one rogue, and one mage before a game starts. You can also allow asymmetric matches, like 1v5, in order to support new game modes. Put simply, with FlexMatch, you have options. To help monitor your rules, Amazon GameLift FlexMatch emits a set of matchmaking metrics that are easily accessible through the management console. As you test your game, you can use these analytics to balance your player experience. These metrics include: Player Demand: See the number of matchmaking requests currently being processed.

Track the rate of new requests and new players to get advanced notice of surges in player demand, etc. Time to Ticket Success: Monitor the average length of time it takes for the matchmaker to successfully create a new match. Use this data to find the right balance between finding the best possible match and getting players into games fast.

Matchmaking Rule Effectiveness: Use this data to fine-tune onlyy match rule and optimize the matchmaker performance overall. You might even namee a problem feam only 10 percent of games time out, depending on your definition of a good player experience. Conversely, maybe only 2 percent of your matchmaking requests time out. Your FlexMatch rules could be perfect. Or they could have another problem: You also could use AWS Lambda to onky a function in the cloud that monitors those analytics and reacts based on certain actions or notifications. Rules Relaxation As shown in the example rules, one very useful FlexMatch feature is rules relaxation.

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