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Today, officials nhde Saif has been captured close to Tripoli after suffering critical injuries in LLibyan bombing raid. The Libyan Arab Foreign Bank, which is owned by Libya's central bank, had tried to build an hole golf course and about 2, homes on the land. Another property owned by Gaddafi in the regime's name was a plush estate called Thunder Rock in Englewood, New Jersey. The U. Officials said the money was urgently needed to provide basic services, especially electricity.

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Since grils billions have been unfrozen by girps around the world. However so far that has not run smoothly. With so much uncertainty over the governance of Libya, questions have been asked over whither it should go directly to the NTC or instead by used for humanitarian needs. And some countries, such as South Africa, have resisted the call to give Libya's billions back. Investigators around the world will be powerless to find much of the wealth because it will be hidden away with intermediaries and in secret accounts, said France-based Libyan financial analyst Mohammed Haraba.

Share or comment on this article: Gaddafi's death: Years of work by a Tunis-based group and witnessed by a journalist from Le Monde have produced harrowing reports from victims, and video footage showing men being sodomised by various objects, including rockets and broom handles. The rape of men: The atrocity is being perpetrated to humiliate and neutralise opponents in the lawless, militia-dominated country. Male rape is such a taboo in Arab societies that the abused generally feel too damaged to rejoin political, military or civic life. One man, Ahmed, told investigators he was detained for four years in a prison in Tomina, on the outskirts of Misrata.

So that you never hold your head up again. And they were filming everything with their phones. If you want to eat, you have to take off your pants, back on to the broom and not move off until the jailer sees blood flowing. Nobody can escape it. Show Hide What happened after the Libyan revolution?

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Muammar Gaddafi was ousted as president in after girsl than 40 years in power. But deep division between his supporters and adversaries persisted. An internationally recognised National Transitional Council nudde over, but quickly succumbed to schism, particularly between east and west. I hit back a lot and I kept fighting," she said. They would choke her, cover her head while raping her, and kick her when they were done, she said. She claimed that the ringleader was a cousin of Gadhafi and son of a government minister. She said she recognized him because her sister worked for his father, and they knew his family.

On the girle morning Libyan nude girls her captivity, an escape route opened. Another girl who had been captured with her Libyna not been tied up because she wasn't fighting the rape, al-Obeidi said. She helped her cut the rope from her legs. Naked and hysterical, she said she jumped out of a window and threatened the African guards at the gate with a metal rod. Once they opened the gates to the street, she ran for her life. Instead, she headed straight for the Rixos hotel where she knew the foreign journalists were staying. I wanted to show the world what the Gadhafi brigades are really like and I didn't think about myself or my family," she said. Al-Obeidi has decided to press her case even though she has little hope for justice, in hopes it will keep international pressure on Libya.

She said she had tried two weeks ago to cross the Tunisian border to meet with family there, but was brought back by the militia and told never to leave Tripoli. She alleged that the regime is refusing to allow her to leave the capital. All Rights Reserved.

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