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They usually post anonymously to various online religious message boards to ask questions about the Orthodox faith. This is a sensitive issue and requires the blessing of the Chinese government and their future is uncertain. News articles related to Chinese Orthodoxy from Russian language media are translated into English and disseminated to keep the international English-speaking community in the loop concerning missionary activity made from the Russian Orthodox part of the world. Are there still some of them left? When did those Russian emigrants then leave China?

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For instance, a few months ago, the Russian Orthodox Church has decided to celebrate liturgies in Chinese in Vladivostok and other places of the Russian Far East. Some returned back to Russia but many others immigrated to Australia or America. In this interview, he tells us more about the history, current situation and prospects for the Orthodox Church in China. The Cultural Revolution destroyed most of the Church buildings and many believers were persecuted. Today, there are a few hundreds of Albazinian or Russian descent who consider themselves Orthodox that reside in each of the major cities of China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Harbin.

In the physical world, many times they would be drawn by the beauty of some of the restored Orthodox churches in China and would travel to visit such former churches like the St Sophia in Harbin or they may be curious and go seek out the existence of any former Orthodox church buildings that may have survived the destruction caused by the Cultural Revolution and ask around if there are any cradle Orthodox believers in the vicinity. Did some type of underground church life continue, insofar we know it?

Onlnie was considered the golden era of Orthodoxy bisricesti China, with many churches being built. Thus the seed of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission has been planted on Chinese soil. The church has prepared an explanation of the Orthodox Church and its divine services in Chinese which is given to the tour guides to explain to the visitors, and at the end of the tour, the tourists actually get to light a candle in front of an icon of the Chinese Martyrs. They have been seen as a rival economic force in Russia, as evident when the recent Bishop Council of the Russian Orthodox Church brought up this demographic issue with President Vladimir Putin.

When did missionary activities directed toward Chinese begin, and how successful were they? More recent Chinese translations suitable for the younger Chinese generation have also been made available online for the daily prayers with various canons and akathist plus the divine liturgy of St John Chrysostom.

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