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The military territories would become known as the Croatian Military Frontier and were under direct Imperial control. Ottoman advances in the Croatian territory continued until the Battle of Sisakthe first decisive Ottoman defeat, and stabilisation of borders. Dalmatiathe southern part of the border, was similarly defined by the Fifth and the Seventh Ottoman—Venetian Wars. Croats migrated towards Austria and the present-day Burgenland Croats are direct descendants of these settlers. Just look at the "editors choices" they've selected year over year: A lot of Apple's success in mobile devices comes from thinking of practical applications for the hardware.

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For iPods, this was often the functionality in Moblle. For iOS devices, it's more obviously apps running on the devices themselves although iCloud is also now offering a sticky layer of applied utility to Apple's devices as well. Android 2. Google and Samsung and everyone else would love to have developers making novel, exciting and exclusive apps for their platforms the same way that PC makers would love to have customers for their MacBook Air clones.

But in both cases, their alleged copying of Apple hardware hasn't resulted in a duplication of Apple's core competency, which is developing vibrant platforms. Opening a store doesn't build a vibrant platform Apple's activee for a vibrant platform is set so high that the company's own Apple TV is still regarded as a "hobby. Apple disappointed some WWDC observers by not actvie an App Store for Apple TV features, but if just "opening a store" was the way to create a functional, vibrant platform, we'd have more than one functional, vibrant mobile platform, and webOS would still be in the rdaio alongside Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile. They all had stores.

Additionally, the pundits who compare the "library size numbers" of Google Play's ringtones, wallpapers and ad-supported smartphone apps against the App Store's iPhone and iPad optimized apps and other content that people actually pay for seem to fail to see details that are obvious to many of the same pundits in other markets. Take console video games. If Sony's PS3 had zero exclusive games and only got Xbox titles several months after Xbox players had grown tired of them, I don't think there would be a widely communicated notion that both platforms offered the same scope of software, as many journalists like to generalize about Android and iOS.

Some thoughtful comments and critiques, some purely ridiculous drivel such as the collections of randoms tweets of non-noteworthy people, attributed to "professional designers. There's no possible way Apple could avoid any design direction that could be compared to some derivation of "Android. There are definitely bits of iOS 7 that could remind you of Android. But there's no way that could not be the case, because "Android" is both everything and nothing, a term applied so broadly it is now meaningless. The largest fragment of the Android "platform" 2.

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