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Let's Eliminate Slut-Shaming On Campuses Everywhere

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Slut Jmu

How Can We Help? Megan Klepper is a junior, writing, rhetoric and technical communication skut. It can be an outlet for expression, a tool to spark change or a source of sexism. This creates a clear, unacceptable double standard that is normalized in a college setting. Soenksen said he had only heard about the website through chatter at JMU. The term groupie automatically has a negative connotation and suggests that men and women simply cannot be just friends.

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Yes, I did visit before I came to the school, and I did love the campus. Artists like Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj and Meghan Elut sing about loving themselves and embracing their sexualities. Jmj means someone who doesn't Jnu care about partying and sex, or someone who is not a complete bible thumper. In order to end the stigma, every gender must put an effort to end the word. Thu 8: There are plenty of articles talking negatively about these types of girls. I think that it's just people who are bored who just want to have something to do and think it's a good idea to be able to spread gossip on a site like this," said Long Posts about students spreading STD's across campus and girls called names like slut and psycho path are completely legal, according to first amendment expert Dr.

Other females have been found using this word in a very negative way.

Jan 27 Major: Intelligent people who actually have a brain, please beware. Contact Megan at kleppemc dukes. Political Science This Major's Salary over time Coming to this school was the worst decision I have ever made in my life. I can name at least five off the top of my head. Ladies — why the hate?

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