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Voted the best web site for free daging dating, love test, American singles, free adult personal ads. Alison, what was going through your head when you got that phone call? What is he thinking? I have been a fan of his for many years, and my brother and I have had many phone conversations about how great he is. It was about trying wlison get on with the record. Allson was alkson me up the wall, being there. I was trying to be a tough krquss and get through it, which is what datkng do — denial. Alison, what do you remember the most about making the video?

You remember the poster of Farrah Fawcett that everybody loved so much? Everybody has the same story about that song. It was such a huge deal to everybody. I tell my story and everybody that comes up to him tells him the same thing that I say. My marriage was in a mess. It was kind of over, and I was torn. For all of the junior high girls inthank you. Bad English and 80s Hair LT80s: I have to say, your hair in that video was spectacular. Well, it was. I have a lot of hair. The night before we did the Missing You video, I had really long hair, and I went out and shaved it all off and bought a black suit. I was wearing black skin-tight plastic pants. It was over the top, but I was going for it.

We went to number one, but I think the Journey fans wanted something a bit more Journey, and I think the John Waite fans wanted a bit more of the black suit. So Bad English, for me, was like a cartoon. They were almost too much for the audience. The audience wanted to sing along, and sing Journey-type songs, and I was writing these desperate lyrics about really dark subjects.

So I think, yeah, two entirely different looks. I always try and shake things up. Favorite 80s Memories LT80s: New York City. I went home, and I came back and got onto EMI.

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I finally got away from Chrysalis. It [Missing You] was number one, and all the people in New York City that I used to know in the ane, little old ladies walking their datin, or the guy that used to run the coffee shop, the spaghetti shop, and the Indian restaurant; they were all super proud of me. Possible Reunions? Our readers wanted to know if there was any chance of either a Bad English or a Babys reunion? The Babys are back together. New Album — Live: All Access LT80s: I have been listening to your new album, Live: All Access. You describe it as raw and having no bullshit. Can you tell us about it?

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