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Census of Northern Ireland, 1926

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The 'code' of these notes has not yet been fully explored; PRONI hopes to carry out further research so that these annotations can be better interpreted.

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Access to the National Register of Northern Ireland The National Registration Act specifically prohibited publication of the details supplied and, for years, its very existence remained unknown. However, thanks to two independent challenges, one by genealogist and blogger Chris Paton britishgenes. November Due to the ongoing political impasse in Northern Ireland, Freedom of Information requests are not being processed. In other words, FOI has been suspended. In other words, FOI is currently suspended.

If you wish to make an application for Northern Ireland, you can get the ball rolling by completing PRONI's general research enquiry form. Basically, you request details by specific address, not by individual. If an inhabitant would, at the time of your application, be less than years old, you must supply proof of their death. John, bornwas recorded in the Register with his parents, James and Mary, born and respectively. There were also some unrelated lodgers living in the house, all born before When the Irish Civil War began in Junethe government-owned building based at Dublin's Four Courts was among the first casualties.

Almost all of the records it held, some dating back to medieval times, were destroyed in bomb explosions that set fire to the office on 30 June of that year.

Northern dating online ireland Census 1926

Census records are normally kept confidential and only released years after the original surveys were completed. However, because so many Irish census documents have been destroyed, the year rule was suspended and the public were given early access to the and censuses. Catriona Crowe from the National Archives of Ireland said the newly dahing documents were a very valuable source of information They have ierland available to search online for free via the National Archives of Ireland for the last few years. Catriona Crowe, the Head of Special Projects at the National Archives of Ireland, said the newly released documents also include "census search" forms, which recorded the personal details of Irish people who asked to search through the and censuses.

The searches were often undertaken by pensioners seeking to prove their own date of birth, in order to qualify for the Old Age Pension, which was introduced in One interesting fact was presented in the General Report: Once the schedules had been coded, the data were punched onto punch cards for machine tabulation. An illustration of the punch card used can be found in the report General report, xii. Once tabulation had taken place the various reports were arranged and prepared for publication.

The county reports were issued in the first half of This census was very much in line with that of Great Britain inthough it retained one of the special questions of the Irish census — religion. Questions asked included: Websites hosting genealogical information are also available. Some of these are only available by subscription or pay-per-view basis. Many offer full or partial access to sources free of charge. Libraries often hold sources for local and family history, particularly those which have a dedicated local studies section. More useful links.

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