Podcasts not updating

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iTunes 11.4 not syncing/refreshing podcasts? How I resolved it

Check for New Systems: All subscribed updatiny uptrends are updated immediately when you have, and iTunes downloads the most profitable or all investors, depending on how you set your podcasts infidels to cutting podcast updates.

Upload a your new artwork Buzzsprout will immediately change your RSS feed to reflect the changes, but Apple Podcasts may take between 24 and 48 hours to update updatinv main listing. Remember, Uppdating recommends creating Podvasts for your podcast that Poecasts works well when scaled down to thumbnail size on mobile devices. Before you create your podcast artwork, review the Top Podcasts chart for examples of compelling artwork. You can also use specific images for individual episodes. Apple Podcasts takes at least 24 hours to update its main listing.

Apple Podcasts takes can take up to 24 hours to update its main listing with any new updates to your podcast. Not to worry though, the delay does not affect your subscribers, as they will get the updates immediately after you publish them in Buzzsprout. How can I test if my episode is in Apple Podcasts? Since Apple Podcasts can take a while to update its main listing, subscribe to your own show if you want to see how the episode appears to your subscribers.

Not updating Podcasts

Incompleted process—It's possible whoever wrote the review didn't complete the process. Automatic filtering—Apple has automatic filters to prevent profanity from appearing in iTunes. Thus, any review with profanity may be automatically removed. Time—Because Apple caches the iTunes stores, it could take 24 hours for new reviews to appear, or even longer if Apple is already having problems.

Thank you for the podcast reviews! Your written iTunes reviews encourage me and they help other people find the podcast. If you appreciate the podcasting information I share, please write your own review Podcass iTunes or Stitcher! Noy out My Podcast Reviews to get your own podcast reviews automatically emailed to you and learn how to grow your audience with reviews! Announcements Please remember to vote for our podcasts Podcasts not updating our friends' in the Podcast Awards every day through June Podcasters' Society opens to new members on July 1.

Join the waiting list for a special bonus! I'm taking a sabbatical June 1 through July 15, I will still publish podcast episodes and my weekly email newsletter, but I'll be available only to members of Podcasters' Society. So if you need to reach me, please try again after July Need personalized podcasting help? I no longer offer one-on-one consulting outside of Podcasters' Societybut request a consultant here and I'll connect you with someone I trust to help you launch or improve your podcast. You might not have to wait that long. To remind you, anytime you make updates to your podcast RSS feed, whether it be artwork, title, author, description, or publishing an episode, Apple states to wait 24 hours before the changes take place.

Most of the time changes happen instantaneously — sometimes they take a few minutes and sometimes it takes up to 24 hours.

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If you have gone through steps 1 Podfasts 4 and all is well, then you hang for 24 hours. That is what most podcast hosting support teams will tell you to do. And speaking of podcast hosting support teams, here is the final step. Step 6: Make sure that you tell them what you have already done: This will help the support team better assist you. They will thank you.

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